Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring Will Not Be Duplicated, Admirers Can Stop Asking

The 'Meghan Effect' is in full swing, even with jewelry.

The 'Meghan Effect' is in full swing, even with jewelry.

Being Prince Harry’s betrothed put Meghan Markle on the map in more ways than one. The bride-to-be became a fashion icon overnight, and designers are already feeling the “Meghan Effect.” Now the renowned jewelers who designed Meghan’s engagement ring are letting the world know they will not be making duplicates.

Cleave & Company are the brains behind Meghan’s brilliantly designed engagement ring which is promised to be one-of-a-kind. The director of Cleave & Co., Stephen Connelly, spoke with the Associated Press and described the unprecedented amount of calls they have received in regard to making replicas of Meghan’s ring.

Connelly added the media attention from the ring was “a bit of a shock,” and said his company would be happy to design a different ring for anyone who wanted.

Prince Harry designed the ring to be one-of-a-kind and included elements to make it unique. The center diamond, set in yellow gold, was sourced from Botswana, the African country Harry has visited routinely and cherishes. The couple had already spent time in the nation together on their third date when they camped under the stars.

The side diamonds on the ring belonged to Princess Diana, as Harry wanted his mother to be a part of his journey with Meghan. Prince William also used his mother’s jewels in Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. The center 12-carat sapphire in Kate’s ring belonged to Diana and is surrounded by 14 diamonds.

David Thomas, the former Crown jeweler, helped design Meghan’s ring and explained it was the biggest secret he’d ever kept in his life. Despite the influx of media attention regarding the cost of the ring, David promised to never release a detail regarding the matter.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, Meghan’s ability to influence trends began the moment she went on her first royal outing with Prince Harry. Meghan’s wool coat and $675 Strathberry purse sold out online within hours of the event, and it appears she’s having the same effect on jewelry.

Meghan has had such an effect on fashion that she’s even crashing some of her designer’s websites. Line the Label designed Meghan’s white coat she wore to her engagement announcement, and within minutes of her outfit’s details being released, their site crashed.

While Cleave & Co. won’t be making duplicates, rip-offs can be expected from other companies. Those wanting a ring close to Meghan’s can also design their own ring as major retailers allow customers to customize their own ring online.