2018’s iPhone X Could Have A 6.3-Inch Screen

Apple's iPhone screen is expected to grow.

Apple's iPhone screen is expected to grow.

The excitement is still brewing over the iPhone X, Apple’s high-end version of the iPhone, which has a 5.8-inch OLED screen, an advanced (even for the smartphone world) dual-lens rear camera, and is, perhaps, the fastest phone on the market. According to BGR, the iPhone X is even expected to break sales records all the way into 2018.

“According to IHS Markit, iPhone X adoption has been very strong in many countries where the Plus models have succeeded in the past. Not only do those consumers prefer larger displays and dual cameras, but they’re also willing to pay the price for an iPhone X or an iPhone 8 Plus over the standard model,” says columnist Jacob Siegal, who notes that the iPhone X could become Apple’s biggest money-making iPhone yet.

Apple’s latest iPhone has received fantastic reviews. CNET gave the device four-and-a-half stars while complimenting the OLED screen and the rear telephoto camera. They also believed that the Face ID feature works pretty well. Trusted Reviews also gave the device four-and-a-half stars. Reviewer Max Parker claimed that the new iPhone is the best he’s ever used, but he understood that people would balk at the price.

There are a few people who think the iPhone X didn’t really live up to the hype, including Dennis Green from Business Insider.

iPhone X backlash

“I still remember the excitement I felt peeling back the protective plastic from my shiny new iPhone X. What a gorgeous piece of technology. That feeling didn’t last,” Green claimed, adding that the phone is impossible to use with one hand.

Even though the iPhone X is still pretty fresh in the marketplace, there is already new speculation of what its predecessor will be like. According to Fortune, the updated iPhone X could have a 6.3-inch OLED screen. The cheapest (but still very premium) version of the iPhone, perhaps the upgrade to the iPhone 8, could have a 6.1-inch liquid crystal display.

If you want to look two years into the future, Bloomberg reports Apple is developing a new 3D sensor system for at least one version of the 2019 iPhone, which would work differently from the TrueDepth sensor used for Face ID. It would add depth sensing features to the rear camera, which would allow for more advanced augmented reality applications.

As anybody who has used the rear camera on the iPhone X will tell you, it’s almost impossible to imagine how another camera can actually be better. But leave it to Apple to exceed expectations with the iPhone in the next couple of years.