December 9, 2017
Pew Research Poll: Donald Trump's Approval Rating Dips To 32 Percent

A new Pew Research Center poll found President Donald Trump's approval rating has slipped all the way down to just 32 percent, matching his lowest level of support since he took over the White House nearly a year ago.

Pollsters found Trump's disapproval ratings now stand at a staggering 63 percent, with 49 percent of voters now disapproving of his job performance adding they can't think of a single thing he's done as president that's made them happy.

In addition, 37 percent of those who still approve of Trump's job performance admit that that can think of something he's done in office that has not met with their approval.

Researchers noted that the president's approval rating has been steadily on the decline since last February when it stood at 39 percent.

Among the respondents in the Pew Poll, 59 percent added that they believe improper contact between Trump senior-level officials and Russia "definitely or probably occurred" during his presidential campaign.

The question of improper contact with Russia was split along partisan lines, with 82 percent of Democrats and those leaning Democratic agreeing there was improper contact, compared to 74 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents insisting they don't believe any such contact took place.

A recent poll NBC/GenForward poll of millennial voters also found that 45 percent of millennial voters now agree Trump has been worse in office than they anticipated he would be.

Researchers also found another 44 percent of respondents believe Trump has performed as they expected he would, while just 8 percent said he has been better than they thought he would be.

While pollsters found a majority, or 52 percent, of white millennials agree that the president has performed as they expected he would, nearly 57 percent of all minorities believe he has been worse than they expected he would be.


Among Latina women, a staggering 70 percent of respondents said Trump has been worse than they thought he would be.

Along partisan lines, 58 percent of Republican respondents said they believe Trump is doing about as well as they expected he would, while 61 percent of all Democrats agreed he has been worse than what they expected.

When it comes to independent millennials, 49 percent said he is doing worse than they expected and 47 percent said he's doing about what they expected.

Overall, 63 percent of millennials said they disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job as president.