R. Kelly Robbed And People Have Jokes – ‘Did They Take His Harem Also?’ [Video]

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

R. Kelly has been robbed, but he isn’t getting a whole lot of sympathy. As seen in the above video, Kelly took a selfie video as he walked around his house in Atlanta, as he spoke of all the items that were taken from his home. As reported by TMZ, Kelly spoke in the video about what can happen when Kelly lets other people into his life and trusts someone that he has known for 25 years or more. The publication noted that police told TMZ that Alfonso Walker could allegedly be responsible for the crime.

It wasn’t only one robbery, but two burglaries during the Thanksgiving weekend that plagued two of Kelly’s homes, with the singer having everything from his televisions to his furniture and appliances stolen. As Kelly walked around the house and showed the extent of the stolen items in the bare home, he attempted to put on a positive countenance as he thanked fans for sticking by him and praying for him.

Kelly said he would keep focusing on his new album, but some viewers of the video aren’t feeling much compassion or love for the singer in the wake of the multitude of sexual assault allegations that have dogged Kelly over the years. As reported by the New Yorker in the following article linked to by filmmaker Ava DuVernay, Kelly has managed to experience measured success in spite of the accusations against him.

The comments section on TMZ shows people joking that they “hope they didn’t steal all the underage girls clothing in your crib bro” and other quips that relate to Kelly’s alleged actions over the years.

“This creep is feeling betrayed because material possessions were stolen. Does it ever occur to him how his victims [have] their souls stolen when he coerced and assaulted them? Go rot, loser.”

While some claim the whole thing is an insurance scam, others are writing comments that point to urine issues, alluding to Kelly’s “golden shower” accusations. A major theme in the comments section involves racial issues, insurance scam accusations or opinions about Kelly’s lifestyle and the manner in which Kelly allegedly has treated women that have made it to the press.

As seen in the below video from The Real, Jerhonda Pace described what she says she experienced when living in Kelly’s mansion, as well as how she finally escaped.