Get To Know Tia Booth Of ‘The Bachelor,’ Raven Gates’ Best Friend

It is time for a new season of The Bachelor and Arie Luyendyk Jr. is looking for love. It turns out that Raven Gates’ best friend is on this season, which is going to have everyone watching Tia Booth. Bustle shared the news about Tia joining the show and all about her so the fans can get to know her better. The fact that she is friends with Raven is enough to make everyone root for her right away.

Raven Gates was on Nick Viall’s season of the show and even though she didn’t find love with him, she moved on to join Bachelor in Paradise and found love with Adam Gottschalk. These two are still together and going strong, but her best friend Tia is now looking for love.

Raven is from Arkansas and Tia is as well. She is 26-years-old and is from Weiner, Arkansas. She works as a physical therapist and Raven even shared on social networks that her best friend is joining the show. Of course, this means that Tia is going to know a bit about how the show works from her best friend. Reality Steve already shared that he would assume that Tia would stick around for a while considering that she is Raven’s best friend. Tia does have an Instagram page where y0ou can learn more about her. Of course, she hasn’t posted anything lately on the page.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is already done filming his season of The Bachelor and the spoilers are starting to come out. The fans really do want to know who he picks, but you never know if Reality Steve is right or not. Hopefully, he was able to pull it off once again. Her posts make it clear that she loves animals and having a good time. She even showed a picture of herself Facetiming a dog.

It is going to be an exciting season of The Bachelor with Arie trying to find love. The fans can’t wait to see whether Tia Booth is the one he picks in the end. The new season will start airing on ABC in January of 2018. Everyone is going to have to wait and see how long Tia stays on the show.