WWE News: Who Received The Loudest Ovation During The Tour Of India?

Did Jinder Mahal get the loudest pop, or was it someone else?

Did Jinder Mahal get the loudest pop, or was it someone else?

The scheduled WWE tour of India went under a few modifications, as Jinder Mahal was expected to go into the New Delhi show as WWE Champion. Instead, he would lose the title to AJ Styles heading into the Survivor Series pay-per-view, changing the champion vs. champion match to Styles vs. Brock Lesnar.

Although this title change was one of many audibles called for Survivor Series, many feeling for the better, Mahal still was relentless in demanding a rematch to reclaim the WWE Championship. As a result, the match between Styles and Mahal is now booked for the upcoming Clash of Champions event on December 17 in Boston, Massachusetts.

This title change also shifted the WWE tour of India as well. Originally, the schedule included two shows in India. However, that would change, and reduced to just one show, with the main event changing to Jinder Mahal against Triple H.

At the show in New Delhi, the crowd was heavily involved, and excited that WWE chose them to host the event. India Today reported a match-by-match recap of the show, and pointed out some very interesting tidbits. Regarding the main event, Triple H would defeat Mahal, but stated after the match that “India is in good hands” with the self-proclaimed Modern-day Maharajah.

Who Received The Biggest Ovation At The Event?

While it would be easily assumed that the home country hero, Jinder Mahal, would get the loudest cheers from the New Delhi crowd, it surprisingly was not the case.

There were close runner-ups regarding who received the loudest ovation. When Finn Balor competed against Bray Wyatt, chants of “Bullet Club” resonated in the arena. While India natives Jeet Rama and Kishan Rafter also received a great ovation during their bout against Miztourage members Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, chants of “CM Punk” also shrouded the match.

The loudest ovation of the night went to The Shield, as they competed against Samoa Joe, and Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro. The crowd was very hot and engaged in the match, even giving the six-man tag match a “This is awesome!” chant. In the end, Cesaro would receive a triple powerbomb en route to a Shield victory.