Nate Diaz Suggests He Is Done With UFC, Moving On To Boxing

Nate Diaz is known for his time in the UFC, but now he is hinting at the fact that he could end up doing another sport instead. Everyone has noticed that Nate has been absent from UFC lately, but he has been active on his social networks. The Sun shared that Nate recently went to his Twitter and made it sound like he is moving on to boxing. If you follow UFC, then you know that Nate hasn’t been in the octagon for awhile and he has actually been turning down fights. Most fighters would jump at the chance to get any fight and never turn down the kind of things that Nate has over the past year.

August of last year was the last time that Nate Diaz took a UFC fight, which is a pretty long time between fights. At this point, you would think he would have at least accepted a fight and be training towards it, but that isn’t the case. He shared that the UFC has offered him title fights in any weight class he wants, but he hasn’t accepted any of them. He said that he will “give them a shot when they do something good.” He then said that he was moving on to the next sport and posted an emoji of boxing gloves. This seems like a pretty big hint of what he has planned to do, but with Nate, you just never know.

As you can see below, Nate Diaz has shared a bit about boxing on his Instagram as well. This post was from back in November. The last fight in the UFC that Nate Diaz did was when he competed against Conor McGregor and ended up losing. The fans would love to see him back in the octagon again, but the idea of Nate doing a boxing match is also pretty interesting. Regardless, it doesn’t look like Nate will be just sitting around and not training.

The fans are just going to have to wait and see if Nate Diaz actually does a boxing match or decides to finally take on another UFC fight. For now, Nate is just giving random updates on his social networks every now and then.