‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Sonny Obtain New Lead From Britt, Is The Mastermind In Port Charles?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Monday, December 11, tease that Drew (Billy Miller) is shocked when Kim (Tamara Braun) reveals that Oscar (Garren Stitt) is his son. Sam (Kelly Monaco) is also shocked by Kim’s bombshell, but GH spoilers hint that she remains steadfast in her support for Drew.

Fans will recall that Josslyn (Eden McCoy) also submitted samples she stole from Drew for a DNA test, but Oscar suddenly gets cold feet about the issue. He fears there could be a legitimate reason why his mother never told him about his father, so he suggests deleting the email containing the test results from Josslyn’s phone, according to SheKnows Soaps.

However, the pair will eventually look at the emailed results. Even if Oscar continues to feel nervous about looking at it, Josslyn’s curiosity guarantees that the email won’t remain sealed for too long.

Kim Tells Drew The Ball Is In His Court

After Kim reveals to Drew that he is Oscar’s father, she tells him she will allow Drew and Sam to make up their minds about what they want to do with the news, according to spoilers from Soap Hub. It appears that Kim understands that Drew has been through a lot lately and that he needs time to adjust to the cascade of shocking revelations about his past life and identity.

It’s also significant that Kim shares the information about Oscar’s paternity with Drew before she tells Oscar. It is possible that Kim’s decision to share the information with Drew is due to concern after she learns that Drew has lost two sons, Jake (Hudson West) and Danny (T.K Weaver).

However, Oscar is unlikely to wait for Drew to make a decision after he looks at the DNA results and confirms that Drew is his father.

Jason Obtains New Lead, Is The Mastermind In Port Charles?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers state that Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) obtain new information from Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) that gives their investigation a new direction. Britt tells them that her father, Faison (Anders Hove), thought Jason was dead until he (Jason) returned to Port Charles about a month ago. She tells them that someone was supposed to have killed Jason and that Faison was furious when he learned that Jason was not dead. Faison, according to Britt, was furious that the person betrayed him yet again.

Britt also reveals that Faison believes that Dr. Klein was working for the person who betrayed him. Faison’s traitor kept Jason alive in Russia instead of eliminating him.

Sonny and Jason believe that Britt’s information provides a vital clue. Jason, in particular, believes that Faison’s traitor could be in Port Charles monitoring events since Jason escaped and returned home. General Hospital spoilers for Monday, December 11, from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Jason asks Britt whether the traitor is dead. It appears that she answers that the traitor is alive. Jason and Sonny decide they have to move fast to track the person down before he or she leaves Port Charles.

Who Is Faison’s Traitor?

Fans have been speculating about who Faison’s traitor could be. Some suggested it could be Helena (Constance Towers). Helena and Faison have worked together in the past, and Helena had double-crossed Faison in the past. She has also always been Jason’s adversary. Some fans suggested the traitor could be Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). Other suggestions include Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) and Wes Ramsey’s character, Peter August. Yet, other fans speculated it could be Dr. Kim Nero.

Many fans continue to hold Kim in suspicion mostly because her past with Drew remains shrouded in mystery. General Hospital spoilers for Monday, December 11, tease that Jason’s investigation yields a new intriguing clue. Sonny updates Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and asks for his help, according to spoilers from Soap Hub. He also updates Anna, according to spoilers from the TV Watercooler via Daytime Royalty.

GH spoilers also tease that Anna (Finola Hughes) could play a role in the search for the mastermind during the week of December 11.

Although the pace of the search for the mastermind is quickening, fans can expect a long, suspense-filled hunt with huge surprises and shocks along the way before the identity of the mastermind emerges.

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