1-Think-Trump Commercial Causes Confusion, What Happens When You Call The 1-844-658-7867 Phone Number?

According to Google Trends, the term “1-Think-Trump” is experiencing a breakout in popularity of searches via the search engine giant. That’s because the commercial flashed on MSNBC, with the wording “1-Think-Trump” urging folks to call now because it’s free to talk. The 1-Think-Trump number translates to 1-844-658-7867, with the “1-Think-Trump” breakdown listed beneath the phone number. But what happens when callers phone the 1-844-658-7867 phone number? First, they are met with a scratchy and muffled recording that asks if they are conservative, liberal or neither. A follow-up call to the 1-844-658-7867 phone number provided a clearer connection.

Below the 1-Think-Trump phone number, the advertisement lists the fact that it is an ad via Pilgrim Telephone, which provides the phone line as a vehicle for folks to “safely express themselves” but admits that the phone number doesn’t “contribute content.” The views expressed by those who call don’t necessarily represent the views of Pilgrim Telephone, says the odd and intriguing ad.

When one dials the 1-844-658-7867 phone number, they are greeted with a message that thanks them for calling “Political Connections.” It is deemed a “place where people just like you talk” and connect. Callers are urged to “record a brief position statement” based on their beliefs of conservatism, liberalism or neither.

The most interesting position statements stand out, said the recorded female voice, which noted that folks should make sure to keep safety in mind when recording their messages. Don’t include last name, address or telephone number, said the voice that related whatever message you record will be available for others to hear. Re-record messages as often as you like, said the voice, which instructed folks to press the No. 1 when they are finished recording.

It’s not clear how much the short ad, which appeared on MSNBC on Friday, December 8, between ads for Lincoln Mutual and Mesothelioma, actually cost the person who paid for the ad. However, it is clear that the odd ad captured the attention of folks who turned to Google and social media accounts to figure out what it was all about. It’s also not clear how the voicemail messages will be used in the future by the 1-Think-Trump ad creators.