Ryan Shazier Video Update: Spinal Stabilization Surgery Results Unknown – Steelers Team Told To Keep Quiet

When video of Ryan Shazier went viral after the Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker attempted a tackle against the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati, but instead went down grabbing his back and not moving his legs, fans worried about paralysis, as reported by the Inquisitr.

According to the Post-gazette.com, Shazier has undergone spinal stabilization surgery, but the results of the surgery and Shazier’s current condition are being kept quiet. The Steelers players have been told to keep quiet about Shazier and the sensitive topic of his health in the wake of his injury. There was hope that Ryan’s injury was a simple spinal contusion that may have left him out only one or two games, however, that hope is fading in light of new quotes that have made it to the media.

Keith Butler, a defensive coordinator, noted that he was more worried about Shazier as a person, instead of just his future in football. Butler said that the public has had as many updates as he has. Calling “football stuff” secondary, Keith noted that Ryan’s life is more important than the game.

“His life is a lot more important to me than football.”

Whether Shazier will play football again or not was the last thing on the mind of linebacker Arthur Moats, who said that all he wants is to see Ryan walk again after he witnessed what happened during Monday’s game. Arthur called it scary to see Shazier roll over on the field the way in which he did.

Guard Ramon Foster, who represents the players to their union, was the one who said that Shazier’s condition was to be kept quiet. Ryan’s condition was called “very sensitive” and as a result, the team players haven’t had much contact with Ryan. At least one teammate reported sending and receiving “general” text messages with Ryan, letting him know that folks were praying for him.

Team players expressed concern over Shazier in the wake of hearing about the surgery, without knowing the extent of his injury.

As seen in tweets like those above from Sports Illustrated, dire news from Dr. Anthony Alessi, a neurologist, reports that the surgery could indicate that Shazier’s situation was more serious than initially thought and that Shazier “may not play football again.”