Pence Family Cat Dies Amid Report Trump Thought It Was ‘Low Class’ Moving Pets To Washington, D.C.

Jeff SwensenGetty Images

Another Pence family cat died since the vice president and his wife moved to Washington, D.C. Second Lady Karen Pence shared via Twitter that their cat, Pickle, passed away. Over the summer, they had another feline, Oreo, that died. The sad news about Pickle comes amid a report claiming President Donald Trump thought Mike Pence and his wife were “low class” for moving their pets to Washington.

According to a tweet on Thursday by Mrs. Pence, their “chatty” kitty, Pickle, is no longer with them.

“We will all miss Pickle, our very chatty, sweet kitty of 16 years,” she wrote of the Pence family cat.

As Washington Examiner reports, the first family cat of the Pences’ died in June at age 13. They soon got a new cat, Harley, and a dog, Hazel. They also have a popular bunny, Marlon Bundo. He has his own social media account and is the character in an upcoming children’s book that Karen Pence and her daughter, Charlotte, wrote and illustrated.

Mike and Karen Pence also have a snake, but it lives with their son, Michael, in Mississippi.

The sad news comes at a strange time, considering a lengthy report by the Atlantic about Vice President Mike Pence consisted of a longtime adviser claiming Trump was “embarrassed” by the fact his vice president wanted to move their two cats, dog, and rabbit to the Naval Observatory in Washington, where the vice president’s official residence is located. The adviser told the news source that the president was telling his secretary the Pences were “low class” for wanting to move their pets to D.C. It was also revealed that Trump allegedly views the Pences as “yokels.”

President Trump isn’t much of an animal person, which is clear since he’s not keen on having a dog running around the White House. It was rumored early in his presidency that Barron might get a puppy, but the idea was tabled.

Will Mike and Karen Pence get another family cat? They may, given their track record of filling their hearts where the last pet left a void. For many animal lovers, the best remedy for losing a pet is getting another one.