Melania And Donald Trump Both Tweet Errors On Pearl Harbor Day That Now Live In Twitter Infamy

Dual mistakes were tweeted from the White House today as both Melania and Donald Trump's tweets were just a bit at odds with the history books.

Dual mistakes were tweeted from the White House today as both Melania and Donald Trump's tweets were just a bit at odds with the history books.

Melania Trump’s gracious remembrance of those who died in Pearl Harbor had the wrong historic date in her morning tweet, and although it was immediately fixed, it didn’t get by some folks unnoticed. Her error quickly became fuel for people on social media. Trump’s day started off with a similar bump in the road. In his morning tweet, the president’s FDR quote was just a tad off from its original version.

Like school teachers with their red pens at the ready to correct a student’s paper, folks hopped on social media to highlight the mistakes made by the president and first lady in their Pearl Harbor Day remembrance tweets. Critics had a field day, but supporters of Donald and Melania Trump were more laid back when it came to the honest and easily made mistakes coming from the couple in the White House.

Melania Trump’s mistake is something that most people have made at one time or another when writing a check from their checking account or dating a note. The correct date of the Pearl Harbor attack is 12/7/1941, but Melania put the day at 11/7/1941. Oops! But this was no big deal — anyone could have made this mistake — which many of Melania Trump’s fans suggested online. The simple mistake was quickly fixed with no harm done.

Donald Trump quoted FDR’s very famous line about Pearl Harbor as, “A day that will live in infamy!” This may even sound right to some of you, but it is a slight variation of the original quote from Roosevelt — “A date which will live in infamy,” according to the Daily Beast.

After the morning hoopla over Mr. and Mrs. Trump’s slight errors in their tweets died down, Donald Trump tweeted a little video to honor the vets, as seen below.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Trump were poked at via social media users for their mistaken tweets. This was nothing in comparison to a previous mistake made by another man who would become president. George H.W. Bush was Vice President Bush in 1988 when he accomplished getting a group of veterans to drop their jaws.

He gave a speech at a Veteran’s affair and kept going when declaring “Today is Pearl Harbor Day,” but he did this on September 7!

He continued on with his speech, saying, “Forty-seven years ago to this very day, we were hit and hit hard at Pearl Harbor and we were not ready.”

He suddenly realized he was a few months off and corrected himself. The Washington Post suggests that as a Navy pilot in World War II, he should know that date.

Melania and Donald Trump got up this morning and remembered those who gave their lives in Pearl Harbor. They also remembered all in the armed forces who give their lives to this country. Their little errors are easily enough made and apparently just as easy for critics to grab a hold of and sound off.

Melania Trump’s corrected tweet is seen below.

Before it was corrected, Melania’s tweet said, “Today we honor Pearl Harbor Heros. 11/7/1941. Thank you to all military for your courage and sacrifice!”

Melania had plenty of people backing her up for the small and easily made mistake, but not everyone was willing to be forgiving. Twitter users had this to say.

“Speaking of dates, Melania got the month wrong. Incompetence riddles this administration starting from the smallest things.”

“Yes. Yes, they are. Why? Because it shows ineptitude. It shows lack of care. It shows incompetence. This is yet another glaring example of the current administration’s attitude towards anything except what benefits themselves.”

One Twitter user offered, “If you want I can print out a big list of all Presidents who have gotten a date or event wrong”

Tweets addressing this wrong quote ranged from a “slight correction noted” to all-out nastiness when addressing Donald Trump’s error.

Twitter users also had this to say.

“Not to be a nag, but FDR called December 7, 1941 ‘a date which will live in infamy.’ You should probably know that.”

“You got the quote wrong. It’s ‘date which will…'”

The main thing is that both the president and the first lady made an attempt to honor Pearl Harbor Day the first thing this morning before they go on with their day, which is what many Melania and Donald Trump supporters conveyed today.