Siggy Flicker Accused Of Being Desperate For Reality Fame After Taking Offense To Hitler Analogy

Siggy Flicker seems to be very confident about her title as a relationship expert, but her self-confidence was challenged this season by the new housewife, Margaret Josephs. Margaret didn’t hold back with her opinions, and Siggy was often the topic of discussion. But Siggy did seem easy to offend this season, and she was very emotional. It seemed like none of the other Real Housewives of New Jersey ladies could do anything right in Flicker’s eyes. Rather than talk things over together, it sounds like Flicker and Margaret have chosen to fight it out on social media.

According to a new tweet shared by Margaret Josephs, Siggy Flicker isn’t getting the support she had hoped. During last week’s episode, Margaret made an analogy to Hitler, but she wasn’t comparing Flicker to Hitler. Siggy fired back, sharing that she was Jewish, and she was extremely offended by the comparison. Maybe Margaret didn’t know Siggy was Jewish because she claimed she wasn’t trying to offend her with the comment. But it sounds like fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey think that Siggy may just be overreacting because she wants to create drama for a reality show. They don’t believe she’s truly affected by it.

Margaret’s now infamous comment reads as follows, Siggy – Hitler woulda not killed me. Does that make him a good person?”

“It was an ANALOGY. That’s an effective way to get a point across when someone’s just doesn’t get it. #RHONJ,” Margaret revealed on Twitter, to which one fan wrote, “I’m Jewish and wasn’t offended. Then again I’m not a drama queen scrambling for reality fame like Siggy.”

But it sounds like Siggy Flicker is taking some things rather personally, as she’s been tweeting her thoughts and feelings on social media. She has revealed that she doesn’t want toxic people in her life and she would do anything to make sure she doesn’t have to deal with Margaret again. It will be interesting to see how things will continue to unfold on this season of the show, as the fashion show is playing out on the show this week. In addition, the ladies are planning a trip to Milan, and the cast trips are known for causing trouble for the ladies. But it sounds like these two may not be friends in the future, and Siggy may never be able to move on from the drama caused by Margaret.

Siggy Flicker will surely let her thoughts be known on the upcoming reunion special for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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