MLB Trade Rumors: Houston Astros Want Giancarlo Stanton

Tim BradburyGetty Images

MLB trade rumors revealed that the Houston Astros were trying to deal for Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins. These Astros trade rumors could have been very exciting for fans of the team, with negotiations reportedly taking place during the current MLB offseason. The two sides, though, were unable to come to an agreement on a deal that could certainly have been considered a blockbuster.

A report by baseball analyst Craig Mish confirmed that the Astros engaged the Marlins in trade discussions. Though he admitted that the two teams were unable to work out a deal, it led to several other mentions on social media about what the talks may have entailed. The Astros reportedly wanted to add Stanton without giving up major pieces from the current 25-man roster. It appears that the Marlins were ready to do a deal, but that it would have to include center fielder George Springer.

These MLB trade rumors prove to be quite interesting, as the Houston Astros would have had one of the best lineups in recent memory had they been able to trade for Giancarlo Stanton. The price was way too high, though, and it appears that the team will enter the 2018 MLB season with an outfield of Marwin Gonzalez, George Springer, and Josh Reddick. The retirement of Carlos Beltran had opened up a roster spot for someone like Stanton, but paying his salary and giving up a core piece of the team was an expensive price.

It seems much more likely that the Miami Marlins will work out a deal with the San Francisco Giants in the next few days. A new report by NBC Sports states that the Giants are confident that they already have a deal in place with the Marlins and that it comes down to the team pulling the trigger on parting ways with Stanton. Could the Marlins be satisfied with a package of prospects from the Giants in order to move on from the $295 million that Stanton is still owed? Will Stanton agree to play in San Francisco?

The latest MLB trade rumors indicate that Stanton could agree to be traded by the end of this week, so the time may be coming when the Miami Marlins make a huge announcement. While many fans and analysts are still trying to figure out why Miami wants to break down the roster, there are quite a few other franchises that would love to acquire the National League MVP. Meanwhile, Houston Astros fans can continue to fantasize about what the team could have looked like with Giancarlo Stanton batting cleanup.