‘Yuri On Ice’ Movie Release Date Still A Mystery? Feature Film Pushed Season 2 Off The Priority List

Yuri On Ice

Yuri On Ice instantly became a hit and many expected that a sequel will be launched as soon as possible to keep the hype going. However, months have already passed and fans are still waiting for the official Yuri On Ice Season 2 update. On top of that, a Yuri On Ice movie was previously announced, pushing the new installment of the series off the priority list.

Earlier reports stated that the Yuri On Ice Season 2 release date was January 2017, but that obviously did not happen. The highly-anticipated sequel of the mega-hit Japanese sports anime television series was then expected to arrive before the year ends, after the show’s co-creator, Mutsuro Kubo, revealed that she would want to finish the sequel in 2017.

Unfortunately, the possibility appears to be bleak since there are only a few weeks left before 2018. Developing a series will definitely take a while, so the said date could be impossible.

Although the launch of Yuri On Ice Season 2 still remains uncertain, rumor has it that the sequel will focus on Yuri Katsuki’s past. If this will turn out to be true, then the creators may have wanted the viewers to learn more about the show’s protagonist’s previous experiences before proceeding on his current journey.

Just like the series’ upcoming installment, the Yuri On Ice movie has also maintained its mystery. After it was announced at a Yuri On Ice event in Chiba, Japan by the cast of the popular Japanese sports anime in April, nothing much was said about the feature film, including the release date.

Yuri On Ice has definitely captured a lot of hearts since the story is not only unique but it is also realistic and relatable. While most of the anime protagonists win the battles and get what they want, Yuri Katsuki had to face humiliation and defeat.

Yuri Katsuki’s loser moments may actually be one of the reasons why the show is such a huge hit. Everybody loves an underdog story, and this is exactly what Yuri On Ice is feeding the audience.

Meanwhile, the story of Yuri Katsuki, Victor Nikiforov, Yuri a.k.a. Yurio Plisetsky and the rest of the cast are definitely far from over. But now that the creators are focusing their time and effort on the upcoming Yuri On Ice movie, Yuri On Ice Season 2 is expected to not be launched anytime soon.