Was Donald Trump Having Trouble With His Dentures During Jerusalem Speech? [Video]

Headlines that range from "What's the Tooth?" and "Trump on Retainer" are sweeping the internet after Donald Trump gave a speech about moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and his speech seemed to get more and more slurred as time went on. While some thought that Trump might be on medication or suffering from a medical problem like a stroke, some dental professionals thought he might be having difficulty with his dentures. At the end of the speech, Trump, 71, said "God Bless the United States," but said Shhtates instead of States instead.

AOL said that the clarity of Donald Trump's words seemed to break down as he spoke about moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What is being described as a newfound lisp for Trump seemed to distract many people on Twitter who tried to figure out what was happening to the president as he spoke. He was clearly having speech problems.

One person on Twitter gave the disclaimer that they weren't joking when they asked what was wrong with Trump and his speech.

"I'm not trying to be funny, doesn't it sound like @realDonaldTrump had a minor stroke towards the end of the press conference today. I've never heard him slur his words like this."
Someone else responded that the 71-year-old Donald Trump clearly wears dentures and was having a dental problem.
The longer he spoke, the more irregular the cadence became in the speech patterns of President Donald Trump. He seemed to be struggling perhaps with excess saliva as if he had just had a numbing agent for a dental procedure. The Daily Mail said there was cause for concern by people who were listening to the Trump Jerusalem speech.
"God bless the United Shhtates. Thank you very much-sh."
While some thought Trump might be suffering a mini-stroke, a Virginia dentist consulted by the Daily Mail thought the Trump speech quirks were due to a loose denture plate.
"Saliva can get trapped between an upper plate and the palate – or between the lower plate and the lower jaw – and that's what makes the noise."
The dentist said that Trump also seemed to be struggling with his air intake, sucking air in through his nose as he spoke during the last third of the speech.
"You don't want a lot of air rushing through your mouth when you have a loose plate."
The dentist who made the suggestion that Trump is having denture problems is board certified but asked that his name not be used because he doesn't want to alienate any of his patients by commenting on a Trump speech problem or dentures.
"Dentures, drugs, stroke?"

Twitter has been going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with Donald Trump who seemed to have something going wrong during an important speech about the American embassy location in Israel. While most dental professionals thought it must be a denture problem, much of Twitter thought Trump must be on some kind of medication, says HNHH.

"Trump sounds strange, especially near the end, he seems to slur. Is @POTUS 'medicated?' Anyone else hear it?"

Others just took the opportunity to joke about the odd-sounding speech that clearly wasn't the norm for Trump.

"@realDonaldTrump yo, did I just watch you say 'Gow bless the unitah shtashs' trump slurring #trumpslur."

But others were genuinely concerned that Donald Trump might have suffered a mini-stroke, and said that he should be examined by the White House doctor asap.

"Dry mouth makes a sticky sound it does not cause words to slur like this. Something is wrong and Trump needs to be examined by his doctor."
The White House has not clarified the concerns from many media outlets, and though Donald Trump has been back on Twitter, he also has not commented on the trouble with his speech, or if he wears dentures.