Meghan Markle 'Black' Searches Up 450 Percent: Heated Debate Over Biracial 'Black Princess' Ethnicity Queries

During certain periods of time, typing "Meghan Markle" into Twitter brought up a suggested search of "Meghan Markle black," meaning that questions about Markle's ethnicity are common themes. As reported by the Daily Mail, Twitter has gone crazy with tweets celebrating Markle as the "black princess," with the #blackprincess hashtag going viral. Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan announced their engagement, all sorts of feedback has flowed into social media, and all kinds of questions are being asked on Google about Meghan's background.

According to Google Trends, searches for Meghan's engagement ring are on par with searches for the word "black" coupled with Markle's name. And while searches for Markle being "hot" are up 150 percent, Markle's ethnicity queries are up 130 percent with "black" searches up 110 percent. There's also a raging debate over whether or not Meghan should actually be called "black" or not.

While ABC News waxes on about the "hope" that Markle's engagement to Prince Harry has given many black women, writer Sandra Rose has published a controversial article titled, "Reminder: Meghan Markle is Not Black." With a Caucasian dad and an African-American mother, Meghan is in a unique position in nationality debates after being thrust into the spotlight as Prince Harry's future wife.

Taking a gander through some of the tweets that arise via a search for "Meghan Markle black," readers will find everything from black women praising Markle's "come up" to those deriding the usage of the word "black" in relation to Meghan to those tweeting about "black girl magic" and more. While some take issue with calling Meghan a princess, others are celebrating Markle as a woman. Conspiracy theories about the race of Markle's future children with Prince Harry are already sparking warnings about how close any black lineage will be allowed to get to the throne.

As seen in Twitter posts like those below, folks are debating whether or not the "one drop of black blood" rule makes Meghan black or not. Others are writing about negative feelings for the notion that Meghan snagging a prince as a black woman has brought other black women hope, even as the debate rages on over whether or not Markle identifies herself as black.