Jessa Duggar Proves Her Kids Are True Duggars, Baby Henry Chomps On Pickle In Instagram Update

It can be hard to get a group of 19 kids to agree on anything, but there is one thing that will get all the Duggars excited. Pickles have been the family's favorite snack and treat for years, the love for the preserved cucumbers instilled in the children by their mother, Michelle Duggar. So it was a groundbreaking moment when Jessa, who is now a mother of two sons, showed her baby Henry eating his first pickle on Instagram.

In their four years on TLC, the Duggar family showed multiple times their love for pickles. Not only have they chronicled their attempt to make their own, but they also have written about how to prepare them for long road trips.

"Pickles are always a favorite," the Duggars wrote on TLC blog. "Dad says no glass in the car. So we always drain all the juice out of the pickle jar, dump the pickles into a large Ziploc bag, and then proceed to pass around pickle spears or whole pickles throughout the van with a paper towel wrapped around each one. That way any drips go right in the towel. Our whole van smells like dill pickles, it's just so funny."

The Duggars also have a recipe that they have refined over the years and even farmed cucumbers to make their own at home. Two years ago, they shared their coveted pickle recipe when their cucumber yield from the family garden exceeded their expectations.

"This year, Jason decided on his own to grow a vegetable garden," they wrote. "The cucumbers did amazing, and he decided to make pickles. They turned out delicious! We have all been enjoying the wonderful fruits...err, vegetables of his labor!"

Now that the Duggar girls are getting married and having kids of her own, the time has come for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's grandchildren to have a taste of the family's favorite snack. Jessa Duggar thought that it was time to introduce pickles to her 10-month-old baby, Henry Seewald.

Counting On fans were beyond elated to see Henry gladly chomping away on the family's treat.

"He got the Digger pickle gene," one commented.

"Looks like he's got a true Duggar love of pickles," another wrote. "He's precious."

A fan also exclaimed, "He'll fit right into the Duggar clan!"

In the background, Spurgeon Seewald, Jessa and Ben's first son, can also be heard saying that he loves pickles.