Jamie Kennedy Hosts Disastrous, Seriously Awkward New Year’s Eve Broadcast [Video]

Are you ready for the most painful and awkward thing you’ll see all day? You probably saw the name “Jamie Kennedy” in the title and predicted something bad was on its way to your screen, but trust us when we say that whatever you expected: It’s worse.


‘Twas New Year’s Eve 2012 when Jamie Kennedy joined a group of other D-list celebrities to host LA’s transition into 2012 at KDOC-TV. We have to give KDOC some credit for their ambitious New Year’s show. Although once-great (some of them) celebrities had hosted, the network must have been in such a rush to set up their dais that they forgot to hire a director for the event. Either that, or the station manager walked out half-way through the broadcast (and after the video, you might know why).

This awkward New Year’s Eve catastrophe contained everything that could possibly go wrong during a live broadcast: sudden and unexplained cuts, dead air, black screens, drunken celebrities, drunken hosts, drunken guests, and FCC-ignorant everyone dropping f-bombs left and right.

Setting the ball in motion is Mr. Kennedy, who used to be a halfway-decent comic, engaged in a swearing contest with one of the KDOC crew members during a segment that probably wasn’t meant for air (of course, aired it was).

Comedian Shawn Broyles tweeted a play-by-play throughout the event and, luckily for us, recorded the whole train wreck and posted it on YouTube, making for “hilarious viral embarrassment of epic proportions,” notes MSN Now.

Watch Jamie Kennedy host KDOC‘s New Year’s Eve train-wreck below. WARNING: NSFW