Taco Bell Teases Us With Cool Ranch Dorito Treat Via Twitter

Taco Bell Doritos Loco

In 2012, fast food chain Taco Bell took Doritos chips and turned them into a new type of Taco Shell. At first we thought the idea was crazy, stupid, and insane,. As it turned out, consumers loved the Doritos locos taco shells, and they soon became a staple of Taco Bell eating.

Fast forward to 2013, and the fast food giant is already teasing a new Cool Ranch taco shell.

Posted on the official Taco Bell Twitter account, the company shared a photo of its famous taco shells along with a side-by-side picture from a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Underneath the posted Twitter photo, the company wrote: “Anything could happen in 2013.”

It’s hard to tell these days when Taco Bell is telling a joke on its Twitter account or actually sharing product information. The Taco Bell twitter account has practically become a meme as the company answers customer questions and statements with its own brand of goofy humor.

The cheesy goodness of Doritos in its own way made sense; however, a Cool Ranch offering lends more to the imagination then I would personally like to think about. Then again, I learned my lesson when I made fun of what I thought was a sure-to-fail Doritos taco.

Here’s a screen capture of the Taco Bell twitter tease:

Taco Bell Cool Ranch Dorito Taco

What says you Inquisitr readers: Can anything really happen in 2013?