Are Duggar Family Courtships Just Arranged Marriages? Jana Duggar And Caleb Williams Next?

It’s no secret that the Duggar family keeps growing with each passing year. The stars of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On have experienced multiple marriages and births in recent times, but are the family’s courtships just arranged marriages? Here’s a look at what really separates the Duggar’s courtship from traditional arranged marriages.

The Duggar Family’s Courtship Rules

Romper reports that the Duggar’s strict form of courtship is not the same as arranged marriages. Jim Bob Duggar, the family’s patriarch, explained how the courtship allows a couple to develop strong bonds and that its main purpose is to lead to a wedding. As Counting On fans are well aware, the Duggars place strict rules on their daughters when they start courting. This includes almost no physical touch, heavy supervision, and chaperoned dates. In following these rules, the Duggars have successfully married off five of their daughters.

Courtship Or Arranged Marriage?

While courting clearly isn’t the same as dating, it also isn’t arranged marriage. Jim Bob and his wife do not arrange any of the courtships themselves. Instead, the boys are the ones who contact the Duggar family and ask for his blessing to start courting one of his daughters.

For his part, Jim Bob never approves until his daughters give him the green light. Because of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, Jim Bob receives letters and emails every week from boys who want to start courting one of his daughters.

According to Romper, Jim Bob’s courting is directly related to the family’s religious values. This is one reason why there are so many rules pertaining to courtship, including a ban on social media prior to marriage, no private texts, no drinking or smoking, and almost no physical interactions outside of the occasional side hug.

What Does Jim Bob Say To Potential Suitors?

After Jim Bob interacts with a potential suitor, he makes them fill out a huge questionnaire. In fact, Jeremy Vuolo, who married Jinger Duggar, confessed that he filled out a questionnaire that was 50 pages long to court Jinger. Jessa Duggar also revealed that the questionnaire covers a lot of aspects including finances. Although this might seem a little over the line, Jim Bob has assured fans that he doesn’t pick any one of his daughter’s suitors. His tactics also aren’t foolproof and around half of them fail to end in marriage.

Is Jana Duggar Courting Caleb Williams?

Given how Jim Bob is active in all of his daughter’s relationships, The Hollywood Gossip reports that Caleb Williams has been spending a lot of time with the patriarch and is currently courting Jana Duggar.

The family has not confirmed the courtship, but the fact that Williams has been hanging out with Jim Bob is a clear sign that he wants to court Jana. Further, Williams was invited to the family’s Thanksgiving dinner, though he didn’t make it into the group photo at the end of the day. The Duggar family has not confirmed the courtship and are mysteriously keeping the relationship under wraps for now.

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