WWE Rumors: Big Plans For New Women’s Stable On ‘Raw’ Backstage?


There may be some major plans on the way for Absolution, the new trio of women’s superstars that debuted on WWE Raw several weeks ago. The women’s stable led by former WWE Divas Champion Paige also features new main roster stars Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, who came up from the NXT roster. Here are the latest WWE rumors on what the backstage plans may be involving Paige and her new trio on Raw.

According to Sportskeeda‘s Johnny Payne, it appears the WWE means business with Absolution, literally. On Sunday, the Heel by Nature Twitter account tweeted that WWE had just recently submitted a trademark for the name “Absolution,” which seems to indicate they’ll be using the term quite a bit moving forward. The WWE has done this with plenty of other names or “catchphrases” including Austin’s “3:16,” and of course the recently-publicized “Too Sweet” hand gesture which WWE sent a cease and desist to a certain group of Ring of Honors stars about.

Trademarking the women’s group name is a great sign, and one would think that maybe they’ll do the same with the SmackDown Live trio known as “Riott Squad.” They recently changed the group leader’s name from Ruby Riot to “Ruby Riott.” With the name Absolution, it at least appears this won’t be a story that just takes place over a few weeks and instead could be a longer-term situation. That’s good news for Paige, who is just back in action after being away for months due to suspensions and health issues.

Featured image credit: WWE

There have been WWE rumors that there would be a women’s Royal Rumble match in January, which were recently squashed, or at least it seems WWE is keeping it quiet. There’s also been some talk of a women’s tag team championship being unveiled in the future. Having team names trademarked like Riot Squad and Absolution could lend more credibility to those rumors.

On the new episode of WWE’s Raw planned for Monday night, Paige is set to take on none other than “The Boss” Sasha Banks in what could be a great one-on-one matchup. It could also lead to more interference from the rest of Absolution or possibly Mickie James and Bayley showing up to help out Sasha. That said, at least Paige’s faction will continue with their name which could end up being the women’s version of Nexus if they continue to reveal new members in the future.