Woman’s Botched Eyeball Tattoo May Lead To Removal Of Eye After Leakage – Warning, Graphic Video

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It was her ex-boyfriend who gave Caitlin Gallinger, 24, an eyeball tattoo, but it was done because she wanted the tattoo on the white of her eye. She got the eye tattoo in her right eye in September and the eyeball is still leaking and swollen today.

Since she got this tattoo in the white of her eye, her eye has been in bad shape. The condition of her eye, with the leakage and the swelling, has Caitlyn considering having her eye surgically removed. The man who gave her the tattoo was her boyfriend at the time.

She claims he did not dilute the ink and he used too much of it for her eye tattoo. Not long after the tattoo was complete, she had intense pain in the eye as it “leaked purple ink.” Gallinger, who is from Ottawa, Canada, is telling her story today as a warning to others considering getting an eye tattoo.

She has had three hospitalizations due the botched tattoo and doctors are still concerned she may lose her sight. According to the Daily Mail, Cailyn said the following.

“Just please be cautious who you get your mods from and do your research. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

She also wrote on her Facebook page, ” This is beyond heartbreaking.”

Caitlyn is a model who is really into body modifications, she’s had her tongue split so it is now forked. She has about a dozen other tattoos on her body as well as the botched one in her eyeball. But it has been three months since she got this eyeball tattoo and she can barely open her eye without “significant effort.” The video at the top of the article gives you a good idea of what Caitlyn is up against and it also shows you what her botched eyeball tattoo looks like. It may be hard for some to watch, so be warned.


In an article from Time Magazine back in September, they report that Caitlyn underwent an “increasingly popular procedure that colors in the whites of your eyes. It is called a sclera tattoo.

She wrote her thoughts on Facebook which sound as if she is in despair: “Since I’ve always been honest on here, I will continue to be. My hope is gone. I’m very close to asking for removal. I’m so tired of it all.” According to Time, while Caitlyn picked the color purple for the white of her eye, the most popular color for the sclera tattoo is black, which is a shocking look, suggests Time.

Caitlyn has friends who have had eye tattoos done. She wanted one, but it was her boyfriend at the time who pressured her into letting him do the tattoo.

According to Time, the medical professionals warn against getting this procedure, as it could lead to permanent damage. It is a fairly new trend within the last decade, so there are not any long-term studies done about the sclera procedure. Caitlyn’s botched eyeball was the second recently reported in Canada. The first was a man who lost his eye due to the same type of botched procedure.