Matt Lauer Reportedly Grovels To Pals As NBC Erases Traces, From Social Media To Alleged Rape Office

Even as former Today show host Matt Lauer is emailing his former colleagues and reportedly pleading for forgiveness about his alleged sexual exploits, NBC is seeking to find ways to make it look as if he’s vanished without a trace. If Matt’s former network succeeds, all memory of Lauer will be permanently erased, with the effort to banish his traces reportedly including the office with the special locking button where the alleged rape took place. But for his former colleagues such as Al Roker and Katie Couric, forgetting Matt may not be so easily accomplished.

NBC’s Dilemma: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Memories Of Matt Lauer?

Page Six reported that NBC’s news department is focused on transforming the legendary 30 Rock where Matt once reigned as the network’s king. Following his firing, however, Lauer has become an outcast without a place to go, his career reportedly destroyed just as rapidly as his former office.

“NBC News is bulldozing and erasing all memory of Matt Lauer…by demolishing his office, ripping off his name plate from the building and destroying all pictures of the shamed anchor.”

Insiders at NBC told the newspaper that the plan initially was to renovate Matt’s office, along with other rooms on the third floor of 30 Rock. But in the wake of Lauer’s shocking sexual harassment and rape allegations, the network has chosen to tear apart his office.

Matt Lauer’s Special Button Under Desk To Lock Door For Alleged Rape Gets Destroyed

As the Inquisitr reported, the Today show host has been accused of rape by an anonymous victim. She described the alleged rape in detail, stating that Matt allegedly used the special button under his desk to lock the door prior to the sexual assault. The rape allegations come in the wake of more than 15 incidents that occurred, with NBC facing accusations of having ignored all the shocking warning signs.

NBC reportedly is demolishing physical traces of Matt Lauer as the former ‘Today’ show host emails colleagues pleading for forgiveness.

Reflecting on NBC’s rumored determination to erase traces of Lauer, an insider told Page Six that the infamous button is being destroyed as well.

“Matt’s [traces are] being completely demolished…including that button under his desk,…the pictures of him online and on NBC News social media. They are so sickened by his behavior it is almost like they want to pretend he never existed.”

As workers seek to destroy the physical memories of Matt, the management team at NBC has more tasks to do.

Matt Lauer Work Emails Investigated For More Sexual Harassment As He Emails Pals Begging Forgiveness

Sources told the publication that the human resources department at NBC News is searching through Lauer’s work email messages. The HR staff members are reportedly looking for additional evidence of Matt’s sexual harassment. Lauer has issued a public apology, stating that he could not find the appropriate phrases “to express my sorrow and regret for the pain I have caused others by words and actions.”

In his statement, Matt said that he felt “truly sorry” about the individuals who he hurt. He also confessed that in writing his apology, he recognized “the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home and at NBC.”

Insiders told Page Six that in the wake of that public apology, Lauer is trying to express his sorrow about his actions to his former colleagues, many of whom were personal friends.

“[Matt Lauer is] offering groveling apologies to…former colleagues by sending personal emails saying, ‘I am truly sorry.’… Many of the Today staffers are so shocked and outraged by Lauer’s behavior they have been unable to find the words to write back.”

Among the colleagues who worked with Matt, Al Roker and Katie Couric were particularly close to Lauer.

Katie Couric And Al Roker React To Matt Lauer: Will They Accept His Alleged Emailed Plea For Forgiveness?

Katie and Al may have a more challenging time forgiving Matt’s alleged elaborate plea in his email to forgive him. Us Weekly reported that more individuals close to Lauer are revealing their reactions to Matt’s exit from NBC.

For Roker, it’s a “process.” After working with Matt for more than 20 years, Al appeared noticeably upset when he had to go on the show after learning about Lauer’s dismissal. Others who are speculated to have received Matt’s allegedly “groveling” email apologies are Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, both of whom Savannah said are “heartbroken.”

But when it comes to reactions from former employees who may be receiving Lauer’s email pleas for forgiveness, Kate Couric reportedly wins for the most shocking reaction. Page Six reported that after Matt was fired from the Today show, Katie was seen looking upbeat.

“[Katie Couric] was spotted walking around Los Angeles…with an ear-to-ear grin on her face, looking unfazed by the NBC drama.”

Adding to the speculation that Couric may not respond to Lauer’s alleged email plea for forgiveness, a 2012 clip of Katie from Watch What Happens Live has gone viral. In it, she comments on Matt’s “annoying” habit of pinching her “on the a** a lot.”

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