Poll: Nearly Half Of Millennial Voters Believe Donald Trump Has Been Worse At President Than Expected

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Nearly half of all millennial voters believe President Donald Trump has been worse than they feared he would be during his first year in the White House.

A new NBC/GenForward poll finds that 45 percent of millennial voters agree Trump’s presidency has been worse than they anticipated it would be. Researchers found another 44 percent of respondents believe Trump has performed as they expected he would, while just 8 percent said he has been better than they thought he would be.

While pollsters found a majority, or 52 percent, of white millennials agree that the president has performed as they expected he would, nearly 57 percent of all minorities believe he has been worse than they expected he would be.

Among Latina women, in particular, a staggering 70 percent of respondents said Trump has been worse than they thought he would be.

Along partisan lines, 58 percent of Republican respondents said they believe Trump is doing about as well as they expected he would, while 61 percent of all Democrats agreed he has been worse than what they expected.

When it comes to independent millennials, 49 percent said he is doing worse than they expected and 47 percent said he’s doing about what they expected.

Overall, 63 percent of millennials said they disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job as president.

A little more than two in five, or 41 percent, of respondents said they are “concerned” about what he has done in office, while another 32 percent said they are “scared” of what he has done so far in office.

Researchers also found exactly half of all respondents believe Trump will go down in history as a poor president.

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Among African-Americans, 45 percent of women agreed they are “scared” over Trump’s policies.

A recent CNN poll also found that fewer Americans now believe Trump will ever make good on many of his campaign promises and the same dwindling number feel he is capable of bringing about the kind of change the country needs.

Pollsters found just two in five of Americans, or 40 percent, now feel he is doing a good job keeping many of the promises he ran on as a candidate, down from 48 percent just over six months ago.

In addition, pollsters found just 40 percent of respondents now even believe he is capable of bringing about the kind of change the deeply divided country needs, down a full nine points from last April.

Researchers found the largest shift among those now leery of the president’s ability to affect change that could make a difference has come from mostly independents and Republicans.

Among GOP supporters, the percentage saying Trump can bring needed change is down 10 points since November 2016, while it’s off nine points among independents.

Pollsters also found support among those believing Trump will be able to unite the country or that he empathizes with them has noticeably slipped.

Overall, just 30 percent of respondents now think the president will unite the country as opposed to further divide it, down a staggering 13 points from last November.