‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Unexpected Twist – Franco Is Oscar’s Dad – DVD Reveals Secret Clue

Carol KaelsonABC

General Hospital spoilers for next week’s episodes of the ABC soap airing Monday, December 4 through Friday, December 8 reveal that Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) sent off the DNA samples for Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt) and Andrew Cain (Billy Miller). She gets the results back this week, and it’s not good news. The teenagers won’t get any easy answers about this paternity mystery, but there’s some information they had in their hands that they didn’t fully explore. When the kids go back to it, they might find a clue.

Oscar Not A Match For Drew Cain

GH spoilers from TV Source promise that Joss gets back the results on Thursday. From there, the kids excitedly open the package, assuming they’ll find confirmation there. However, the results say that the DNA is not a match. Even though Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) did know Drew back in his Navy SEALS says, he didn’t father her child. Plus, Drew being the father doesn’t align with the information Kim gave her son about the guy who got her pregnant. Friday’s GH revealed that Andrew Cain was a legit hero who was highly decorated by the military. That’s important info because it shows he can’t be Oscar’s dad.


On Thursday, Oscar came to General Hospital to confront his mom about withholding the identity of his father. Oscar told her that he “can’t stand not knowing who my father is” and Kim told him that she didn’t tell him the truth because she was trying to protect him. But when Oscar asked, “protect me from what?” Kim refused to answer and said they would talk later since she’s at her new job. Protecting Oscar implies there is danger about the biological dad and that’s key.

15 Years Ago, Franco Was Very Dangerous

General Hospital spoilers hint that Kim Nero’s baby daddy is in Port Charles. Why else would they be churning up this mystery there if the guy wasn’t around? Some GH fans speculated that Oscar might be another offspring of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), but that’s been confirmed as false. Other speculation has hinted it could be Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), but he’s not dangerous at all. But one of the most dangerous people in PC is Franco before his tumor removal.


Not only does Franco fit the GH spoiler of Kim protecting Oscar from his biological father, but his history was wide open back in the early 2000s when Kim got pregnant. Franco’s character wasn’t introduced until 2009, when he was first played by renegade actor James Franco. He was already a famed artist and serial killer by the time he first met Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Franco’s history before 2009 is totally available for creation. Franco was dangerous back then and certainly worth hiding a child he fathered.

Joss And Oscar Missed Crucial Evidence

Refresh your memory with this Soap Central recap on the CD that Josslyn and Oscar found at his apartment. The show made a really big deal out of the teenagers searching for a CD player and borrowing one from Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). They listened to some music that they found on the CD, but now some General Hospital rumors hint that the kids missed something critical on the disc they found. Oscar told Joss that his mom Kim had the disc in the DVD player in her room.


Oscar said his mom had headphones, and they assumed she was listening to the same music but GH spoilers tease that there is more on that disc than just some music. In fact, it could be a mixed-media disc with a video on it of Oscar’s dad and perhaps photos and even text documents like emails. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that the search for Oscar’s dad leads to a man in Port Charles and rumors say the disc could reveal that Kim had a relationship with Franco.

Franco’s Evolution Continues

General Hospital history tells us Franco and Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) split because he didn’t want a baby with her and wanted it to be just them two. Next, Franco paired up with Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and got attached to her kids. Soon, Liz proposes, and the two are engaged. That means Franco will be step-dad to her three boys. However, Franco mentioned many times that he doesn’t want a biological child and finding out he has one would complete his character evolution.

Kim had a stunned reaction when she saw Jason at Sonny’s, but her reaction when she meets Franco will reveal if this GH rumor has teeth. If Kim recognizes Franco and is terrified, that will let viewers know he’s whom Kim was trying to keep away from Oscar. And if Oscar and Joss realize there are more files on the disc than just music, she’ll instantly recognize Franco. It won’t be too much longer until Oscar is reunited with his father and it could be a huge shock for Franco. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.