Prince Harry And William May Destroy Camilla Parker Bowles’ Queen Dream


For months, rumors of a feud involving Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles have been swirling. Now, based on a shocking new report, it appears that it is Prince William and Prince Harry who may hold the power to decide whether to allow Camilla to become queen or just princess consort.

Meghan Markle Mania Turns Into Problem For Prince Charles

The Daily Mail reported that the war to determine the future king and queen has taken a turn that no outsiders anticipated, uncovering William’s and Harry’s reported hostility toward Camilla.

“Will William and Harry refuse to let Camilla be Queen? Charles is thrilled about the engagement [to Meghan Markle]… but trouble may be brewing.”

Even though Charles is making a point of flaunting his “genuine goodwill” to Meghan, the excitement over Prince Harry’s beautiful bride-to-be Meghan Markle is turning into a problem for Charles. The situation is being compared to what happened when Prince William married Kate Middleton. William and Kate quickly became so popular that they earned the nickname of “Charles and Diana Mark II.”

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Steal Spotlight As She Earns Comparisons To Princess Diana: Charles In Crisis?

With the attention on the glamour of Prince Harry having found his princess, Charles and Camilla have been pushed into the background, battling for whatever scraps of attention they can find, according to the Daily Mail‘s sources. Royal staff members reportedly fear that Charles is heading for a crisis, and the situation with Meghan is being compared to the love of the media and the people for Princess Diana.

“Certainly [Charles] hated being upstaged by Diana, and never came to terms with the fact that after his own wedding, the crowds who flocked to them wanted to see his wife, not him.”

It’s been years since there were serious discussions of Charles and Camilla stepping aside so that William and Kate Middleton would take the throne. But those discussions took place when Kate made her arrival, adding to the intrigue about soaring rumors that Charles and Parker Bowles may not be the next king and queen.

Prince Charles’ & Camilla’s Relationship With Prince Harry And William Suffered After Diana’s Death

Ultimately, it may be Prince Charles’ relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry that determines the outcome of the battle for the throne, according to the insiders.

“At the heart of the issue is Charles’s relationship with his sons. It has become noticeably cooler since they decided to appoint themselves the custodians of Diana’s memory.”

Two decades have passed since Diana’s death, but rather than having their relationship with their father and stepmother heal over time, Prince William and Prince Harry reportedly are even more united in opposing Camilla Parker Bowles. When she celebrated her 70th birthday in July, royal observers assumed that William and Harry would celebrate with Camilla.

Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly dreams of becoming queen, but can Prince Charles get Prince Harry and William to support that dream?
Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly dreams of becoming queen, but can Prince Charles get Prince Harry and William to support that dream?Featured image credit: KGC-55STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

But neither of Charles’ sons made any public statement about Parker Bowles’ birthday. As Camilla’s stepsons have become older, they have become even less accepting, an insider told the Daily Mail.

Prince William, Prince Harry’s Shocking Hostility Toward Camilla Parker Bowles

The source revealed that Prince William and Harry have changed their relationship with Camilla. The brothers are “not close,” and a friend of Diana’s told the publication that William and Harry are hostile toward their stepmother.

“[Prince William and Prince Harry] don’t have a good word for Camilla.”

The views of William and Harry are important in the battle for the throne, according to courtiers. They feel that if Charles wants Camilla to become queen, he must have the full support of both sons.

According to the Express, Camilla is furious at the increasing number of reports indicating that William and Kate will become the next king and queen. Parker Bowles also reportedly is angry about the possibility that Charles will allow himself to be sidelined.

“Speculation that Charles might consider stepping aside to allow the popular [Kate Middleton and Prince William] to take the throne has sparked chaos.”

Middleton reportedly is heating up her alleged feud with Camilla, resulting in a rift that could even shadow Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wedding day. The newly engaged lovebirds have said that their wedding will occur in May 2018. Will Parker Bowles refuse to attend if Kate plays a role in the wedding? Camilla remains “livid” about the likelihood that William and Middleton will take the throne, said the Express‘ insider.