Queen Elizabeth Pressured To Cancel President Trump’s UK Visit After Controversial Anti-Muslim Tweets

Queen Elizabeth II is in a tough position after mounting public outcry to cancel President Donald Trump’s upcoming state visit. The calls to break off Trump’s UK visit came after his controversial anti-Muslim tweets. Will the Queen tell Trump that he isn’t welcome in Britain?

How Does Queen Elizabeth Determine Who Visits The U.K.?

ABC News reports that Queen Elizabeth relies on advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Britain whenever she invites leaders to the country. When it comes to Trump’s upcoming visit, Theresa May sent the invite on behalf of Her Majesty shortly after Trump took office earlier this year.

Trump has not set a definitive date for the visit, though both governments confirmed that he will make it to Britain in the near future. Trump’s recent tweets, however, could change Britain’s stance on his state visit.

What Are The Chances President Trump’s Visit Is Canceled?

Despite all of the protests, it is unlikely that Queen Elizabeth will outright cancel Trump’s state visit. Not only would it make things awkward between the U.S. and Britain, but the Foreign Office has made no hints about rescinding the invite. That doesn’t, however, mean that the Queen will ignore public opinion on the matter.

Instead, there’s a good chance that Trump’s visit will be delayed until things cool down. In fact, the Queen has a great excuse to delay the visit, as she is expecting a new grandchild this spring. This could push Trump’s visit to later in 2018 or even 2019, depending on his schedule. This should give both sides plenty of time to figure things out.

Trump And May Spar On Twitter

While a delay would appease the public, there’s no telling what Trump will tweet next. According to ABC News, Trump got himself in hot water yet again after tweeting anti-Muslim videos from an ultra-conservative group based in the U.K., called Britain First.

The tweets sparked a negative reaction from Kim Darroch, the U.K. ambassador to the U.S., who complained directly to the White House.

A spokesperson for May also slammed the tweets and said Trump shouldn’t have posted them. In response, Trump urged the U.K. Prime Minister to eliminate radical terrorism in her country instead of criticizing him. May fired back by assuring Trump that they take the threat of terrorism very seriously.

Queen Elizabeth has not commented on President Trump’s controversial tweets.

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