Duggar Family News: Michelle Slammed For Wearing Pants To Beach And Making Jana Duggar Watch Kids

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A few months ago, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took a couple’s trip out to Hawaii. It was to celebrate their wedding anniversary, away from their bustling home, inhabited by fifteen kids. Today, they revealed a photo from their sunny getaway that revealed that not only they made Jana Duggar, their eldest unmarried daughter, watch the rest of the kids, but also wore pants to the beach.

Wearing pants to the beach is unusual, but for a different reason for the Duggar family. Most people like to dress in swimsuits that reveal a lot of skin so that they can dry off quicker and soak up the sun. The Duggar family, on the other hand, like to keep most of their body parts covered, including chest, shoulders, thighs, and knees. On top of that, they also uphold a modest dress code for kids, which bans girls from wearing pants.

So the fact that Michelle bravely wore pants to the beach shows that she even had to amend some of her own rules for practicality sake.

Counting On fans, on the other hand, wished that the couple abided to a more normal beach getup.

“I wish they would wear normal bathing attire,” one fan wrote. “Those clothes are just going to be hot and heavy and miserable.”

Others were more sarcastic when it came to commenting on Michelle’s outfit.

“Scandalous, look at all that leg,” one fan wrote while another commented, “Careful there Michelle.. you’re showing off a lot of legs!”

Another reason that this photo drew the fans’ attention was because Jim Bob and Michelle taking a vacation meant that their eldest daughter had to be the parent of her own siblings.

“[W]hen you went on vacation did poor Jana watch all your kids?” A fan asked.

The 27-year-old Duggar is known for doing a lot of work around the house. She is an avid gardener, plumber, baker and general fixer-upper. With Joy-Anna married off this past summer, she is the only girl over the age of 18 in the house, which means that there is no other sister that she can partner to take care of the domestic chores.

The family posted a picture of Jana and her youngest sister Josie on Facebook to showcase how the siblings are continuing to bond. Counting On fans have always been very supportive of the unmarried Duggar and praises started pouring in the comments.

“Jana is just an absolutely beautiful woman of God in every facet of life who lives her faith each and every day,” a fan wrote.

“You two ladies looked great,” another chimed in. “Little Josie looks so healthy and happy!! God surely blessed this little girl……Jana, what can I say? You look healthy and so happy too! God bless you both!”

Jana Duggar is not officially dating anyone, but she has been linked to Caleb Williams.