Megyn Kelly And Hoda Kotb Battle To Replace Matt Lauer On ‘Today,’ But One Has The Edge

Charles SykesInvision/AP

Megyn Kelly and Hoda Kotb are reportedly battling to replace Matt Lauer’s spot on Today. A source says the competition for the most coveted spot on morning television is so fierce that it’s become a “knife fight” between the two women to take over Lauer’s anchor role.

Matt Lauer was fired Tuesday night after he was accused of sexual misconduct by a female staffer at NBC. Stories about his inappropriate behavior with a number of women have erupted since it was announced by Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb Wednesday morning that the veteran co-anchor of Today was terminated by the network.

Everyone is in suspense over who’s going to replace Lauer. Radar Online reported that the fight to take over his seat is tense between Megyn and Hoda. A production insider describes it “getting ugly” behind-the-scenes. While both put on a cool, amicable front for the cameras, they’re really at war. The source says there’s a bitter feud. Both are “ambitious” and the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to be on America’s biggest morning show has turned their competition into a “knife fight.”

Hoda Kotb is supposedly threatened by Megyn Kelly replacing Matt Lauer on a permanent basis.

“Hoda is frightened that they will only use her to fill Matt’s shoes until they find a permanent replacement,” a source tells the news outlet.

The insider claims that Kelly has already made clear to producers that she’s prepared to take over Matt’s seat for Today‘s top hour segment. She currently hosts the 9 a.m. segment of the morning program, which has dismal ratings. The former Fox News star’s solid experience for “hard news” could make her the leading candidate in co-anchoring the early hour part of the show.

“She comes from a hard news background and would be more comfortable hosting the first two hours of the show than her current 9 a.m. slot with a studio audience and fluffy feel good segments,” the insider shares.

According to the report, Megyn has the edge in replacing Lauer at this point.

Page Six also reported that multiple sources claim that Megyn Kelly is gunning to replace Matt Lauer on Today, but an NBC insider says she doesn’t want his role.

Many on social media expressed immediately upon Lauer’s firing that former anchor, Ann Curry, replace him. She left in 2012 after a bitter departure from the show. Fans blamed Matt for Ann’s exit and were rooting for her to return, but she won’t be coming back to NBC.

It’s unclear if Megyn Kelly or Hoda Kotb will replace Matt Lauer on Today, but speculations will continue until the network decides what to do.