Jodi Arias Death Penalty Trial Begins In Arizona

Phoenix, AZ – The Jodi Arias death penalty trial is expected to be the most watched criminal proceedings since the Casey Anthony case. The pretty 32-year-old woman is accused of the brutal murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander.

Radar Online is posting the Jodi Arias trial live. Jodie is being tried in Arizona. She is accused of shooting Travis Alexander in the face, slitting his throat, and stabbing him 27 times. Due to the extremely violent nature of the murder, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case. If convicted, the photographer would be the fourth women sent to death row in Arizona.

Alexander’s roommates found his body very quickly after his murder. The friends reportedly suspected that Jodi Arias was the killer almost immediately. The roommates told 911 dispatchers that she had slashed his tires and had been “bothering” him recently. The murder took place in June of 2008, CBS News notes.

Aria initially told Arizona law enforcement officers that two people had broken into the home. She also originally stated that the intruders had murdered Travis Alexander and attacked her. In later interviews with police investigators, Jodi Aries reportedly changed her story and claimed that she killed her boyfriend in self-defense.

Arizona prosecutors did not believe Arias’ theory of the crime. Alexander, 30, may have attempted to end their romance. The attorneys and police offices believe that Jodi killed Travis in a brutal attack which was fueled by the fury of a jealous woman. A camera found inside a washing machine reportedly contained time-stamped images of the couple naked inside the home and then photos of Alexander’s dead body.