‘General Hospital’ Star Kelly Monaco Reveals She Suffers From Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Alberto E. Rodriguez Getty Images

Kelly Monaco is a fan-favorite on General Hospital. She plays Samantha Morgan, one of the main characters in Port Charles. Her storylines have been powerful, filled with plenty of moments that evoke emotion from the General Hospital viewers. Monaco is a private person for the most part. Her life outside of Sam Morgan isn’t readily shared with the world. Doing Dancing with the Stars helped her get out of her comfort zone, but Monaco still struggles with sharing anything about her relationships in her private life.

Currently, Kelly Monaco is involved in the storyline of the year on General Hospital. She is caught in the tale of two Jasons, and her world is about to come crashing down. The pain in her eyes is portrayed perfectly as everyone in Port Charles questions her about how she is coping with two men claiming to be her husband. It is both a curse and a blessing for the actress. According to ABC Soaps in Depth, Kelly Monaco opened up about her struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. The General Hospital actress revealed that it is almost a daily struggle, one that she has learned to cope with through the years. Sometimes, art imitates life, and Monaco is finding that out while exploring Sam Morgan’s character.

When Sam was experiencing her illness, Kelly Monaco could empathize with the character. In fact, she had to go back to that place in her mind when she had a panic attack. General Hospital writers have Monaco’s character participate in very grueling storylines. She has lost a baby, been widowed, her husband returned with a new face, and now, another man is walking around Port Charles saying he is Jason Morgan and he looks what she remembers her husband looked like. A panic attack is a mild reaction for some of the things Sam Morgan has endured. Monaco is opening up about her anxiety and panic attacks because she can relate closely to her General Hospital character.

Fans were shocked to hear Kelly Monaco suffered from these sometimes debilitating ailments. She talked about working through them, but once the show brings her back to that place, it takes a while to recover. Monaco has plenty more strong scenes coming up with the tale of two Jasons, especially when Sam has to decide which brother she is going to continue building her life with. Kelly was brave to come out and share her story. It is rare for her, and fans appreciated an inside look at her struggles both on and off the General Hospital set.