Jared Kushner Kin In Bathrobe Backlash — Trump’s In-Laws’ Swag ‘Shocked’ People?

Alex BrandonAP Images

Jared Kushner’s family is offering up a “uniquely embarrassing present” to their company’s business associates, suggests Vanity Fair. It is considered a gift that really commemorates the year 2017, and apparently it has the people receiving this gift perplexed over what they were thinking, along with being “shocked.”

When Jared Kushner married Ivanka Trump, he wasn’t just a regular kid in the neighborhood; he too came from an upper-class family with money, which was made from the Kushner Companies. According to The Real Deal, the Kushner Companies is “a privately held real estate developer and landlord.”

The company is owned and run by the family of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. The company “holds a portfolio of 20,000 multifamily residential units and 13 million square feet of office, industrial, and retail space,” cites The Real Deal.

Each year at the holidays, the family hands out gifts. These gifts go to the various bankers, real estate developers, and business acquaintances of the Kushner family business.

Gifts in the past have included a hooded sweatshirt with an embroidered company logo, a “black vest” again with the company logo in an eye-catching position on the apparel, and, in 2016, a pair of headphones.

There’s no story in these popular and rather generic types of swag, but this year’s offering is creating a buzz. The Kushners are handing out a white bathrobe branded with their company’s name. According to Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair, the bathrobe comes “loaded with suggestive connotations.”


Fox suggests this is a rather intimate gift to be handing out for corporate swag. But she goes a bit further and stretches the topic by suggesting, “the bathrobe figures prominently in several women’s accounts of alleged sexual harassment by both Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose.”

You might be thinking right about now that Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose aren’t giving the gift and they don’t work for the Kushners, but that is not the end of these “connotations.” She continues to stretch the bathrobe implication just a bit further by suggesting a visual of Donald Trump.

Citing an article published by the New York Times earlier this year which “depicts the president wandering the halls of the East Wing in a bathrobe,” Fox writes that Sean Spicer denies that Trump even owns a bathrobe. Fox follows up by describing the meaning of Trump and a bathrobe, “It has become a symbol, fairly or not, of something unseemly—hardly something that anyone wants to be reminded of as they unwrap presents around the menorah or tree.”

This picture of Trump in a bathrobe popped up online to show that Trump does own a bathrobe. If he still has that bathrobe it has to be a few decades old, as he is holding his daughter Tiffany as a baby and she turned 24 in October of this year.


According to the Vanity Fair article, people who have received this bathrobe swag this year are “shocked” The article quotes an unnamed source who received this bathrobe who also talked to others who have been given this swag. This unidentified source said, “Lots of rich white guys can’t believe it, given what’s going on in the world, with harassment and misuse of bathrobes. It’s the most tone-deaf holiday gift of all time.”

Jared Kushner had nothing to do with picking out this gift. It was left up to the people who are running the company. This bathrobe was the company’s pick months ago, long before bathrobes were in the news, according to the spokeswoman for the Kushner Companies, Christine Taylor. She conveyed, “So not tone deaf at all, just a thoughtful holiday gift.”