‘Hodges Half Dozen’ Star Daniel Hodges Reveals Job Status, Catches Heat Over GoFundMe Campaign

Emily SpitaleTLC

Hodges Half Dozen is the new TLC craze. The show follows the married couple, Daniel and Liz Hodges, on their journey raising their six children. They have a toddler son and quintuplets. Hodges Half Dozen is a new show, but the buzz surrounding it is getting bigger by the day. If it lasts, it could garner the kind of fame the network has seen from the Duggar family.

Daniel Hodges is a former U.S. marine. He was also a paramedic, but now, he is currently jobless. Hodges Half Dozen fans were shocked to learn the father wasn’t actually working a job. According to In Touch Weekly, Daniel is currently a medical student. He wants to be a doctor and help veterans once he finishes medical school. This is the long-term goal, but right now, he is still working on his goals. Saying that the Hodges Half Dozen star isn’t working is not exactly correct. The couple is getting paid by TLC to film their show.

There is a GoFundMe account set up for the family that is currently getting donations. Fans have noted this, and some have made comments about the absurdity of it. Some of the comments about it have attacked the children being conceived by IVF, something the critics believe could be helped. One even went as far as to liken Hodges Half Dozen to the Octomom’s situation, which sent some fans into a tailspin.

Having six children is a financial stress, but the Hodges are filming a reality show. Hodges Half Dozen is newer in the reality television world, and the scrutiny comes with the territory. The family has not solicited any monetary donations at all, and the campaign to raise money was set up by a friend of the family. Fans are split on whether or not they think this should be happening, but some of the remarks are definitely harsher than others.

When the Hodges were approached about doing Half Dozen Hodges, there was some uncertainty. It is a lot to put your life out there for the world to see, especially when you have to read about viewers’ thoughts on social media. After discussing it, Daniel and Liz decided that Half Dozen Hodges was worth doing because they may be able to help another family. With everything out there about their life now, there is no turning back.