Duggar Family News: Kids Missed Thanksgiving Photo Because Of Chores? Josh Duggar, Derick Dillard Get Featured

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This year, the Duggars celebrated Thanksgiving as a whole family. Many of the married couples returned to their childhood home to share the warmth around the Thanksgiving table and see how the young members of the clan have grown. However, the fans noticed that many kids were missing in the family photo that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar uploaded on Instagram, leaving them to wonder where they were.

Last year, the family took a trip out to Branson to spend time away from their home, but still together. Josh Duggar, Jessa Duggar, and Jill Duggar, who all have families of their own, managed to also make the trip out so that they can be together for the holidays.

This year, the Duggars chose to stay at their family home to celebrate Thanksgiving. Many of the married couples made their way back to the childhood home to check out the newest members of the family and see how some of the youngsters have grown.

In the official family photo that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar uploaded on Facebook and Instagram, the fans noticed that many kids were missing from the picture. The most notable was Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, but many assumed that they had gone to the Forsyths’ Thanksgiving.

But Joy and Austin were not the only missing members of the clan. Counting On fans noticed that “Jeremiah, James, Justin, and Josiah are all missing” from the family picture and started to wonder where they could be.

Some of them thought that it was possible that the boys went with their married sister to the Forsyths.

“Maybe they went with Joy and Austin to his family Thanksgiving,” one of them wrote. “That wouldn’t be that strange. Not a big deal. When you have this many people, it’s not that unusual to have a few missing.”

Others thought that the missing kids may have been working during the holiday weekend and missed the picture opportunity.

“[T]he boys were probably out working in the field,” a fan commented. “Someone has to.”

The Duggars are famous for putting their kids to work. To be able to raise 19 kids successfully, Michelle Duggar had to find a way to make her children responsible for the place they live.

“Everyone has jurisdictions, or chores, in our house,” she said to Parenting Magazine. “We all have our areas where we are responsible. There might be two or three people in the laundry room. We team up and we have buddies that work together in certain areas, so that the older buddy might be in charge of the kitchen, and the younger one might help put away the dishes.”

Throughout the year, the kids are often seen doing work around the house.

Another reason why some of the boys were not included in the picture was because they were too busy playing outside with their friends. Josiah Duggar, one of the missing kids, posted on his Instagram how he enjoyed playing with his siblings and friends this past weekend.

Having a good time playing Ultimate Frisbee with friends this sunny Thanksgiving weekend ????!

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Raising Cane’s with good friends this evening!

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Having four kids missing meant that Derick Dillard and Josh Duggar, the two members of the family not allowed to appear on Counting On, could take center stage in the picture. They took the center position on the stairwell, showing how they are still an important part of the Duggar clan.

Josh Duggar was banned from the family reality TV show when the public found out that he molested his sisters. Derick Dillard was also recently pushed out for his transphobic opinions.