‘Counting On’ Fans Recall Josh Duggar’s Odd Behavior Before His Sexual Abuse Scandal Went Public

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They say hindsight is 20/20. Recently fans of 19 Kids and Counting and the spinoff Counting On started a discussion on Reddit to talk about clues that hinted at Josh Duggar’s secrets and strange behavior before the scandals broke that outed him for molesting his younger sisters when he was underage, and then later cheating on his wife.

Were There Signs Before The Scandal Broke?

According to In Touch Weekly, one fan wrote that just after Duggar got engaged to Anna, he constantly made uncomfortable sexual jokes. She obviously had no idea what her future husband meant, but awkwardly laughed anyway.

The fan went on to write that it is clear now how excited Duggar was to be engaged because he would soon be able to have sex. Without knowing what she was getting into, Anna was excited because she was going to be a wife, just as her parents taught her to be.

Another Reddit user pointed out the time that his sister Jana revealed she had prayed for Josh to find someone, which now seems sad because we know she was one of his victims.

One user claimed that Josh’s excitement to marry always seemed off, while another said a red flag was that the oldest child of the Duggar family married so young, at the age of 20, but then it was six years before another kid in the family walked down the aisle. It’s almost as if the family couldn’t wait to get him out of the house.


Josh Duggar’s Life Now

Josh was the first to admit his hypocrisy when it came to his secret life of cheating and internet porn. He said he was ashamed and grieved for the hurt his sins caused his family.

Anna ended up staying with Josh after the scandals, and the couple recently welcomed their fifth child. Radar Online reports that he is no longer in therapy and he is “doing great” while adjusting to life as a father of five.

Per OK! Magazine, the couple appeared in the most recent Duggar family photo at Thanksgiving, to the shock and horror of many fans. They just can’t believe the family allows him to be around so many children.