Baltimore Police Department Blocks FBI Investigation On Detective Sean Suiter’s Homicide

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The Baltimore Police Department wants to keep the investigation of Detective Sean Suiter within their team. However, with no suspects, people are wondering if there should be an external jurisdiction to investigate the case.

Accroding to WBALTV, the governor has already weighed in on the subject and he told his constituents Tuesday that the department promised to provide updates later this week.

Gov. Larry Hogan, however, is also open to the idea of FBI joining in the case and taking over.

“I have a lot of confidence in the Police Commissioner Kevin Davis in Baltimore, but at some point, the more eyes we have on this, the better.”

If they were to follow the federal law, they would need an approval from the police commissioner to have the FBI join in, Raw Story reported.

As for the Baltimore Police Department, spokesperson TJ Smith said they are handling the murder investigations and they will continue to do so until the perpetrators are captured.

But others are still skeptical about the police department’s bias on the case. As The Baltimore Sun noted, handing over the lead to the FBI is the move that makes more sense.

“If an investigation is not deemed to be impartial and credible it has no value,” Former FBI Agent and Professor David M. Shapiro of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York explained.

Baltimore Police Department gather near the scene of the shooting death of Baltimore Police detective Sean Suiter
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The late Detective Suiter’s body was found with a gun near him. So far, there are no traces of fingerprints, but this is still inconclusive since it is possible that the murderer wore a glove.

Three shots were fired at close range, making sure Suiter was dead.

Suiter was also set to testify against two of his fellow officers in Baltimore before the federal grand jury. Because of this, many believe that FBI’s impartial take on the case would make the investigation move faster.

Another spokesperson from Baltimore Police Department also issued a theory that could be their key to cracking the case.

“At this point I have very little faith in this department to conduct an impartial investigation,” Professor Maria Haberfeld, also of John Jay, noted.

According to their analysis, their “spontaneous observation” was that “Detective Suiter went to meet someone, no, he observed something.”

Detective Suiter’s funeral will be held at Mount Pleasant Church.