Single Mother Holds On To Her Faith After Losing Three Sons To Liver Cancer

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It is said that a parent should never need to bury his or her own child. It should be the other way around.

In an unexpected twist of fate, however, a Filipina mother had buried all of her three sons in a span of four years — all died of liver cancer.

Lorelei Go’s latest anguish is the passing of Hisham on November 14. Hisham or “Moi” to his friends was the youngest of three siblings. His eldest brothers Rowden and Hasset had the same fate as his as the two lose their battle against liver cirrhosis in 2014 and 2015.

Now grieving, Lorelei is left with nothing but her faith. Her story is a modern-day Job, a biblical icon who also lost all his children and experienced delusion in his faith to God.

For Lorelei, whenever sadness knocks at her door she just thinks that all her sons are already happy wherever they are now and that they are enjoying eternal life with no more pain to carry.

“Each time I think about where they are now, I just keep in mind that they are happy now and they are no longer in pain. It’s painful but time will come and I will be with them again. I’ll just wait for the time when we can all be together again. And that gives me strength.”

Lorelei’s consecutive grief began when she lost her first-born, Rowden, on June 11, 2014. Just sixteen months later, her second son, Hasset, followed. Ten hours before his death, Rowden married his now widowed wife where their wedding video went viral and touched lots of heart. Hasset, on the other hand, was a renowned chef before his untimely death.

The story of the Go brothers was featured in a local television program, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS).”

Hoping for God’s intervention, after the deaths of his two sons, Lorelei said she could not afford to lose Hisham. Hisham had already been diagnosed with cancer at an early stage then. Due to that, Hisham followed a strict diet and regimen to prevent worsening the disease.

Lorelei and Hisham were optimistic that they would overcome the challenge. They even flew to Guangzhou in China to try an alternative cure to the disease known as cryosurgery. Cryosurgery was their only way to survive.

In a dramatic turn of events again, however, the surgery was not done since the Chinese doctors told Lorelei and Hisham that the cancer had already reached stage 4 and it was impossible for Hisham to survive the procedure. They were advised to go back to the Philippines and look for a second opinion.

Instead of getting disheartened, Lorelei stayed positive and even took a video of her and Hisham in the unnamed Chinese hospital while saying, “we praise you, we glorify you God, thank you for this wonderful day. We keep on fighting because we have a big God. We believe and trust in Him.”

Just this November 1, the mother and son went back home to the Philippines and instead of bringing Hisham back to the hospital, Lorelei decided to continue this son’s medication at home, with the help of a private nurse.

“My only prayer was for God to give Hisham to me. I already lost two of my sons and I cannot imagine life without Hisham. If ever God hears my prayers, it will be the most beautiful gift I will ever receive. I am afraid to lose Hisham. Very afraid.”

In one of the KMJS’ episode, Hisham was still interviewed three days before his death. During the interview, Hisham was already weak and his body was already deteriorating. Yet, according to him, he would still fight until his last breath.

Hisham said,

“I will fight. I always pray because I believe it is not yet the end for me.”

But on November 14, Hisham, at the age of 27, finally succumbed to liver cirrhosis just like his two elder brothers. It was a bitter pill to swallow for Lorelei.

According to Lorelei, there was a time that she questioned God for the problem he gave her, citing that all her sons are not stubborn-headed but God-fearing individuals. But for Lorelei, all these things are just part of a bigger plan — in her own words “plan to test and make my faith strong.”

“All of us will die. What is important is eternal life. What is important is for us to be saved. As what my son Hasset told me that we are still blessed because God has given us time to ask forgiveness unlike other people who died instantly and were not able to ask for forgiveness.”

After the death of Hisham, love and prayers poured in for the Go family. Family, friends, and other people who followed the story of the Go’s took to different social media and expressed their condolences and prayers for the family.


Lorelei said that there are days that the grief is overwhelming, but she keeps fighting because she knows someone up there is looking after her. She added that she believes that she will see her sons again and will wait for that time.

While Lorelei’s grief is something unbearable for some, but for her the only thing she has to cling on to is her faith.

Candles were lit in remembrance of the dead