Remembering Anna Nicole Smith: Daughter Dannielynn Travels To Bahamas On Late Mother’s 50th Birthday

Phil McCartenGetty Images

It’s been over 10 years since the tragic death of model Anna Nicole Smith. Yesterday would have been the late star’s 50th birthday, and her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead remembered her mother by traveling to her favorite place in the world.

Dannielynn spent her mother’s birthday in the Bahamas, which was also the place of the 11-year-old’s birth. She traveled with her father, Larry Birkhead, who felt it was important to take Dannielynn somewhere her mother loved.

Us Weekly followed the father-daughter duo’s journey in the Caribbean, detailing all the fun activities they participated in. Dannielynn swam with the dolphins and also visited the courthouse where her paternity was challenged. Larry wanted to ensure his daughter understood their complicated past.

Dannielynn’s paternity was in question after Anna’s accidental overdose in 2007, with Howard K. Stern claiming he was the real father. Stern was listed as the biological father on Dannielynn’s birth certificate, but after a DNA test, it was proven Larry was her actual father. His daughter took his surname, and he has had full custody ever since.

Larry claimed during their trip that locals were in a frenzy over their presence. He said people were referring to his daughter as “Princess Dannielynn,” as her birth in their home country was a huge news story at the time in 2006.


Just three days after Dannielynn’s birth, Anna tragically lost her son, Daniel Wayne Smith, at the young age of 20. Daniel died of an overdose in his mother’s hospital room after taking some of Anna’s prescription drugs. Anna would pass away five months later.

With a tragic past behind her, Larry explains Dannielynn would like to become a YouTube star. The father also claimed he gets calls all the time to ask him if his daughter would like to model, but admitted she is too young to get caught up in that life.


When it came to discussing negative aspects of their past, Larry explained he’s given Dannielynn a good balance of information regarding her mother. He stated he mixes the good things with the bad things and admitted to discussing proper use of medication with his daughter. With drug overdoses being all too common in their family, he felt it was important to discuss prescription drugs with his daughter.

Anna Nicole Smith was remembered on social media yesterday, as fans expressed their love for the late Playboy Playmate. Larry joked he was celebrating her 11th 39th birthday.