Violent Giraffe Fight Video Goes Viral [Watch]

Video footage of what is being described as the most violent giraffe fight ever is making its rounds on the web.

In the 2 minute and 24 second video, two male giraffes use their six-foot long necks like whips, slinging their massive heads against each other in a fight over precious feeding and mating territory.

Entertainment Weekly notes the epic battle was captured by on tape by Discovery and is footage from “Kalahari,” the first installment of seven-part show on Africa that Discovery will premiere early next week.

During the two minute clip (which can be seen below), narrator Forrest Whittaker explains that one of the giraffes has set his eyes on a female and the other is a younger animal out to stake his claim.

“It’s extremely rare to catch a giraffe fight on film,” he says. “Most of the time they’re gentle vegetarians.”

EW reports that it took Discovery’s film crews a full month to capture the 90-second giraffe fight on tape and that it was the only battle they saw while they were there.

In addition to giraffe battles, “Kalahari” will also feature less intense footage including a bird outsmarting meerkats by mimicking their calls and stealing their food and endangered, normally solitary black rhinos socializing at a local watering hole.

Discovery’s Africa documentary kicks off January 8 at 10 pm. In the meantime, you can watch the teaser trailer — which includes “the most violent giraffe fight ever” — for the series in the video below: