Matt Lauer’s Abrupt Exit Thrusts Ann Curry Into The Headlines — So Where Is She Now?

Matt Lauer was fired from NBC’s Today Show and his abrupt exit was explained by his teary-eyed co-hosts on Wednesday morning’s show. They sadly reported that Matt Lauer was fired after accusations of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace” were made against him.

Not long after the news of Matt Lauer getting ousted from the show went public, the name Ann Curry started to pop up in headlines. Back in 2012 when Ann Curry was told her gig with the Today Show was over and she had a month to go, she did something the network never expected her to do at the time. That left her with a reputation that is still talked about today.

NBC cited waning ratings for severing the ties with Curry, but as time went by, tidbits bubbled up from behind the scenes that painted a different picture than the reports of a drop in ratings being Curry’s only ticket off the show. Back in 2014, Meredith Viera shared some of the things she witnessed in the wings of the show. Viera said the following.

“That was such a bad time. I really felt for Matt a lot. And I felt for Ann, too. It turned so nasty, really nasty. Every day you’re reading this stuff that is just beyond cruel from angry, angry people who felt that Ann had been slighted and embarrassed and humiliated.”

The New York Magazine wrote as follows.

“From where Curry was sitting, a savage tone behind the scenes and a complicit Matt Lauer were her undoing.”

According to USA Today, “the former Today anchor, who famously bid the show a tearful goodbye back in 2012, is returning to TV as a host.” But she won’t be hosting the Today Show, or at least nothing official has been said about that possibility. If it were up to her fans, she would.

Curry is the host of a new PBS series We’ll Meet Again, which is slated to air this winter. PBS made the announcement back in July that Curry will host a show that offers “dramatic reunions between people separated by real-life events.” Fans of Curry can look for the show to air in January, according to USA Today.

Curry said in an interview back in July that she wasn’t looking to make a comeback in a TV series. She also said that she doesn’t watch a lot of TV these days. What Ann was looking for was a “wonderful way to do meaningful journalism” and this PBS series is the venue she was looking for.

Curry shared how she now gets most of her news online or in print and she’s been away from appearing on TV for the last several years. After 35 years in the business, it is hard to imagine someone with her talent and her ability to draw in an audience would stay away from TV this long, but she did. Curry weighed-in with her thoughts on what journalists are up against today. She called the Trump era “a transformative time” for journalism.

We’ll Meet Again is a “six-part series tells the stories of people whose lives have intersected at pivotal moments only to be separated by time and circumstance,” according to TV Newser.

Back in 2012, Ann Curry was told she would be leaving Today, she was given a departure date less than a month away at the time. This was also announced to the public. The Today Show executives didn’t think Curry would show up the following day after the announcement was aired. They were so sure that they had Hoda Kotb ready to go if Curry was a no-show, but Curry surprised the masses.

She not only showed up but she remained a stellar journalist for the rest of her time at NBC, strengthening her reputation as a true professional, which is how she is still thought of today. Speaking of today, many of her fans hope that Curry is basking in the glory of fate, as it has a funny way of granting you revenge without you lifting a finger.

While Curry has not made a statement regarding Lauer’s Today Show career demise, when asked during a recent People Magazine interview, all she would say about the subject was, “I’m still really processing it.” After all, it has been several years for Curry since those days at Today and as you can see, she’s moved on.

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