How Did Kendra Caldwell’s Family React To Her Relationship With ‘Counting On’ Star Joseph Duggar?

The Duggar family continues to grow, and the latest addition is Joseph Duggar’s new wife, Kendra Caldwell Duggar. The couple began courting in March, got engaged in May, and married in September. With such a whirlwind romance, will Caldwell have a difficult time adjusting to her new life with such a conservative family?

Caldwell’s Family Is Very Similar To The Duggars

It turns out, life as a Duggar is not a big change for the 19-year-old bride. According to In Touch Weekly, she is one of seven children, and her dad, Paul Caldwell, is the pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church, where the Duggars often attend services. Paul is also a prominent figure in the community and at one time ran as a Republican for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

He did cause some controversy back in 2014 when he went door-to-door with flyers that questioned God’s love for members of the LGBTQ community. They also reportedly questioned whether or not the community even existed. Paul says he never meant to offend anyone, but it is obvious that he raised Kendra in a household that was just as conservative as her husband’s.

Fans Were Concerned For Caldwell’s Well-Being After The Wedding

After she walked down the aisle, some Counting On fans voiced concerns about Kendra’s well-being and freedom, thinking that the Duggar’s strict religious views would be a problem. But, that is unlikely, since the Duggars and Caldwells are long-time friends and seem to share the same ultra-conservative beliefs.

Kendra And Joseph Met As Kids

Even though their courtship and engagement were short, Caldwell and Duggar actually met when they were kids. So, even though they have been an official couple for just nine months and married for three, the two do know each other quite well.

What Does Joe Duggar Do For A Living?

So, how is Duggar going to support his new bride? According to the family blog, he is getting involved in the family business and will be a fifth-generation house flipper. After completing just one year at Crown Bible College, the 23-year-old decided to get his CDL and real estate license.

Education in the Duggar house is mostly limited to homeschooling and online college courses from a program college CollegePlus, so it isn’t surprising that Joseph is heading into the workforce without a degree.

His mom, Michelle, has said that each of her children is going down their own path when it comes to education, and that allows them to experience new things while studying. It also helps them maintain their debt-free lifestyle.

About Those Pregnancy Rumors

Now that their big wedding is over, Joseph and Kendra are starting the next phase of their lives, which most likely involves a baby. Pregnancy rumors have already started to swirl less than three months after they tied the knot.

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