North Korea Warns President Trump They Can Strike The U.S., Lindsey Graham Warns ‘We’re Headed To War’

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North Korea has conducted a new missile test, angering U.S. president Donald Trump and prompting Senator Lindsey Graham to claim that “we’re heading for war.” The Trump administration has repeatedly claimed that they will do “whatever it takes” to stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power. Despite international condemnation and a brutal regime of sanctions, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has refused to back down on his nuclear ambitions. The North Korean leader has said that the rogue regime will continue its nuclear weapons program “until they are capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the U.S. mainland.”

If the North Korean state media reports are to be believed, it would seem that Kim Jong-un has realized that ambition. As reported by the Telegraph, the North Korean state media claims that yesterdays missile test was a test of a new “Hwasong-15” missile. They claim that this missile is capable of hitting any target in the continental United States. This latest test saw the missile reach a height of 2,781 miles, though it traveled only 600 miles before splashing down in the sea of Japan.

North Korea said that the nuclear missile system would defend North Korea against the “U.S. imperialists’ nuclear blackmail policy and nuclear threat.” Kim Jong-un later declared that North Korea has “finally realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force.”

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As reported by Newsweek, President Trump told reporters in Washington that “we will take care of it. It is a situation that we will handle.” As has previously been widely reported Trump has said that he would “totally destroy” North Korea with “fire and fury.”

Defense Secretary General James Mattis said that North Korea was determined to build missile systems that could “threaten anywhere in the world.” The real fear is of course that the heightened state of conflict between the U.S. and North Korea could spark a war between the two nations. Many fear that the potential USA vs. North Korea war could be the spark that draws the world into a nuclear World War 3.

As reported by CNN, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham claims that the risk of war with North Korea is very real.

“If we have to go to war to stop this, we will.”

“If there’s a war with North Korea it will be because North Korea brought it on itself, and we’re headed to a war if things don’t change.”

“We’re not going to let this crazy man in North Korea have the capability to hit the [U.S.] homeland.”

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U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham, R-SC, speaks with other U.S. Senators John McCain, R-Ariz, and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn, unseen, during a press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan on Sunday, July 3, 2011. Three U.S. Senators visiting Kabul on Sunday say they worry that President Barack Obama's planned withdrawal of 33,000 American troops by September 2012 could undermine Afghan morale, embolden the insurgency, and hamper efforts to defeat Taliban fighters in eastern Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Musadeq Sadeq)Featured image credit: Musadeq SadeqAP Images

Senator Graham went on to warn that Donald Trump will carry through his threat to “totally destroy” North Korea if he is forced to choose between that and a potential nuclear attack against the U.S. mainland.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, President Trump had hoped that a diplomatic visit to North Korea by a Chinese envoy might break the impasse between Washington and Kim Jong-un. Unfortunately, the North Korean leader snubbed the Chinese envoy. The fact that North Korea followed that visit by conducting a missile test just one week later shows that Kim Jong-un is refusing to bow to international pressure. Whilst that remains the case, the risk of a nuclear World War 3 remains very real.