Nathan Griffith Says Jenelle Evans Is Doing Drugs After Cease-And-Desist Letters?

Nathan Griffith hasn’t really said anything about Jenelle Evans since the dramatic scene where David Eason grabbed Kaiser’s arm during a wedding-planning photo shoot on Teen Mom 2. At the time, Nathan revealed he was thinking about legal action, as he wanted to gain full custody of his son because he was worried about Kaiser’s well-being in Jenelle’s care. However, it sounds like things may have changed between them because he’s now hinting that she could be on drugs. Yesterday, the news broke that Jenelle had sent out cease-and-desist letters to several of her Teen Mom 2 co-stars and her own mother.

While Nathan Griffith never revealed whether he had received a letter, he’s now revealing that he doesn’t feel that the world is coming to get him. He’s making an insinuation that someone is on drugs and feels like the world is against her. Since the cease-and-desist letters were sent out yesterday, it is possible that he’s talking about Jenelle. According to a new tweet, Nathan Griffith reveals that nothing Jenelle does can ruin his happy life. As it turns out, he has moved on and found love with someone else. It sounds like Evans doesn’t play a role in his life anymore.

Over the past couple of months, Nathan has said very few things about Evans. It is possible that he wants to move on completely and not have anything to do with her. The two share a child together and are working on a custody agreement. The scene where David grabbed Kaiser’s arm may have changed Nathan’s approach to a civil custody agreement. While he may have worked with Jenelle to find a schedule that works, he may pursue full custody of Kaiser now. No word on where their case is currently, but Jenelle would be devastated if she lost custody of Kaiser.

Nathan Griffith may not return to Teen Mom 2 as his story is essentially done. He may still make a few appearances based on whether Jenelle Evans returns to Teen Mom 2. She has threatened to leave the show behind, but she still has custody issues with Nathan.

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