Melania Trump Trolled With 'Lingering Dread' And 'Creepy' Critiques Of White House Christmas Decor -- Video

Did someone say "deck the halls"? If they did, that would be an understatement as Melania Trump's holiday decor has transformed the White House into a Christmas wonderland. The Fox & Friends cast on Tuesday morning urged their viewers to watch the breathtaking video, which they aired on their show. That video is posted below in the article.

The first lady posted this new video that details the beauty of the holidays displayed at the White House. While the Fox & Friends cast refers to the video as "mesmerizing," another media outlet describes one photo of the decor as looking like something that came right out of a scary "Grimm's Fairy Tale." Twitter has also weighed in on one particular picture posted by a White House staff person that is getting critiques resembling those usually reserved for a hair-raising movie.

In the video, you see Melania Trump walking through the White House and putting the finishing touches on the decorations, which entail so many details it is hard to take it all in unless you watch the video a few times. Everything about this Christmas wonderland at the White House is over the top, from the White House cake with the tiny Christmas reefs on the windows to the cookies that look like little works of art.

According to, the theme this year is "time-honored traditions," but this media site believes the decor fell short of this. They suggest that you would be forgiven if "Grimm's fairy tales" popped into your mind when looking at the picture below. The picture came from the White House Twitter account of Stephanie Grisham, who is the Director of Communications for Melania Trump. She posted the picture of a hallway after the lights were dimmed, giving it a different feel than when it is all lit up like the picture above. describes their take on the mood at the White House among the holiday decorations.
"With spot-lighting placed at the base of a hallway lined with dead trees, the result was more frightening than festive."
Twitter users also offered up their take on the Grisham's tweeted picture of the darkened hallway "with some comparing it to the corridors of the Overlook Hotel, the haunted hostelry from director Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, reports

According to the International Business Times, the White House specifically mentioned that Melania designed this year's Christmas theme and she had a hand in every detail you see. In the video, it is the hallway of trees that is getting all the negative feedback but only with the lights dimmed. While it looks beautiful on the full-lighted display, with all the festive lights dimmed way down, the shadows cast by the tree branches might look a bit eerie. It is meant to be viewed with the lights turned on, so it looks like a hallway of glimmering ice.

Others weighed in on Twitter after they got a look at the hallway of trees in the shadows. Below is a sample of what they had to say.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]