Marshawn Lynch Talks To Aqib Talib As He’s Ejected From Game, But What Was Said?

Marshawn Lynch may come across as an intimidating NFL player, as he’s a beast. His nickname in the league is “beast mode,” and his big posture can seem intimidating for people who stand next to him on the field. However, it sounds like there’s a caring person underneath the Oakland Raiders uniform. Lynch takes his job with the NFL seriously, even though he’s known for not speaking to the media and facing fines for his lack of cooperation. But when it comes to public fights and disorderly conduct, Lynch takes a backseat.

During yesterday’s game between the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos, Lynch wasn’t directly involved in the fight that resulted in three players being ejected from the game. Supposedly, there was a fight between Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib over a chain being ripped off. This wasn’t the first time this has happened, as it also happened last year. The repeat offense may have caused the outburst of anger. Gabe Jackson was ejected for getting rough with an official. According to a new 247 Sports report, Marshawn Lynch made a surprising move, as he ran after Talib as he was being escorted off the field. Talib plays for the Broncos, while Lynch plays for the Raiders.

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During the game, Lynch is seen running toward Talib, putting his arm on his shoulder. He slaps his chest in a friendly manner as if to tell him to calm down. Perhaps Marshawn and Aqib are friends off the field and he just wanted to make sure that his friend was alright after a hefty altercation with Crabtree. It was clear that Lynch had a few words for him, but fans never got to hear what those words were. Since Marshawn doesn’t talk to the media, it’s possible that fans will never learn what was said. He was eventually encouraged to return to the field by officials, as Talib continued his walk into the locker room. No word on what Crabtree thought about Lynch going to Talib instead of him.

Marshawn Lynch returns to the field on Sunday at 4:25 p.m. to face the New York Giants.

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