Fredrik Eklund Steps Back From Social Media As Twins Could Have Been Born

Fredrik Eklund made a special announcement last week when he shared that he wouldn’t be making a social media post until his twins were born. Before the Thanksgiving weekend, Fredrik announced that he was in Connecticut with his husband, enjoying the last few days together before their welcome their twins. Eklund had previously hinted that the due date was near Thanksgiving, so it is possible that he has officially gone on paternity leave to spend time with his two babies. While he never talked about paternity leave on Million Dollar Listing: New York, having these babies is important to him. One can imagine he has taken some time off.

It has been three days since Fredrik announced that his babies were just days away. It is possible that he’s currently with the surrogate in the hospital, waiting to meet his children. It’s also possible that he’s already a father. According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund hinted that the birth was happening in November, as he had narrowed it down to days. Plus, it sounded like he was done working and would be ready to go to the hospital whenever the surrogate would call with the news.

Perhaps Fredrik Eklund wants to enjoy this moment with his babies before going public with the news. Many people wait a few days before announcing the news that a baby has arrived, so they can enjoy the first few days together as fathers. While Fredrik lives his life in the open, Derek is a bit more private. It’s possible that he’s not eager to share the twins with the world. If he’s filming the show, Bravo may respect the fact that he may not want the twins on the hit reality show. But Eklund may go all out, sharing everything with his fans as they have boosted his success and followed his journey to become a father.

Fredrik Eklund may be filming Million Dollar Listing: New York these days, but he hasn’t revealed whether he will film the birth or share his twins on the reality show. While he has chosen to be in the spotlight, Fredrik may want to protect his twins from the fame.

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