Weekend Box Office: ‘Coco’ Easily Takes Thanksgiving Win Over ‘Justice League’ For Five-Day Total

Disney-Pixar has another huge hit on their hands as Coco has been doing very well internationally, but its opening over the long holiday weekend has proven that it will succeed domestically, as well. On Sunday, the estimated numbers show that Coco brought in more than initial estimates with $71.2 million over its first five days. Coming in second is Justice League, which may appear to have impressive numbers, but not when compared to its massive budget.

According to Box Office Mojo, Disney and Pixar are just continuing to have the money roll in as Coco‘s huge opening included a $49 million box office for the three-day weekend. While it has only been open for five days in the United States, it has pulled in another $82.2 million at international theaters.

Coco had the second biggest Disney opening ever in China, and it is doing record numbers in Mexico, as well. It’s going to be interesting to see how long it can keep bringing the crowds into the seats as many are saying it may not do as well as the princess titles, but they may be proven wrong.

On the other side of things, Justice League came in second over the Thanksgiving weekend, but it still is not looking good. According to the Independent, the superhero blockbuster is on pace to lose Warner Bros. between $50 and $100 million.

weekend box office thanksgiving coco justice league disney pixar
[Image by Warner Bros.]

Around the world, Justice League has brought in $481 million, but it is doing nowhere near what it was expected to do for the studio. A lot of the blame is falling on Zack Snyder as fans want him away from any future DCEU projects and that isn’t surprising with what they’ve received on a $300 million budget.

While the international box office may do a lot for the DC Comics superhero franchise from Warner Bros., but the domestic tally is suffering.

Top 10 movies at the weekend box office for Nov. 24-26, 2017

  1. Coco– $49.02 million
  2. Justice League- $40.73 million
  3. Wonder– $22.3 million
  4. Thor: Ragnarok– $16.79 million
  5. Daddy’s Home 2– $13.25 million
  6. Murder on the Orient Express– $13.0 million
  7. The Star – $6.87 million
  8. A Bad Moms Christmas– $5.0 million
  9. Roman J. Israel, Esq.– $4.5 million
  10. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – $4.4 million

Final numbers for the Thanksgiving holiday week/weekend will be released on Monday.

As the Thanksgiving holiday week comes to a close, the true spirit of the holiday season is beginning with more vacations, shopping, and movies to watch. Disney-Pixar are continuing to do what they do best and they’ve found another weekend box office winner in Coco, but now, it’s time to see its lasting life with the fans. Warner Bros. is hoping that something rebounds for them and that Justice League somehow begins to justify its giant budget soon.

[Featured Image by Disney]