Poll: Fewer Believe Donald Trump Will Make Good On Campaign Promises, Bring About Change

Fewer Americans now believe President Donald Trump will ever make good on many of his campaign promises and the same dwindling number feel he is capable of bringing about the kind of change the country needs.

Roughly a year into his first year in office, a new CNN poll finds just 40 percent of Americans now feel he is doing a good job keeping many of the promises he ran on as a candidate, down from 48 percent just over six months ago.

In addition, pollsters found just 40 percent of respondents now even believe he is capable of bringing about the kind of change the deeply divided country needs, down a full nine points from last April.

Researchers found the largest shift among those now leery of the president’s ability to effect meaningful change has come from mostly among independents and Republicans.

Among GOP supporters, the percentage saying Trump can bring needed change is down 10 points since November 2016, while it’s off nine points among independents.

Pollsters also found support among those believing Trump will be able to unite the country or that he empathizes with them has noticeably slipped.

Overall, just 30 percent of respondents now think the president will unite the country as opposed to further divide it, down a staggering 13 points from last November.

On the variable of if he cares about “people like you,” those figures are down eight points over that same timeframe.

Donald Trump may be losing support among his base. [Image by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images]

In addition, nearly two in three respondents, or 64 percent, agree Trump’s statements and actions since he took office in early 2017 have made them less confident in his ability to serve as president.

Collectively, just one in three of the 1,021 voters polled agreed they think Trump deserves to be reelected in 2020 and 64 percent say they aren’t proud to have him as commander in chief.

Overall, Trump’s approval rating stands at just 36 percent, with the economy and terrorism rating as the only issues where he scores a rating of better than 40 percent.

More recently, Trump’s support from his Republican base has also shown signs of slippage, with a Lucid national poll finding that just 71.85 percent of GOP voters now approve of his job performance, down a full three-points from the week before, when he registered a rating of better than 75 percent.

Overall, pollsters found Trump’s approval rating now stands at just 35 percent.

In addition, while 82 percent of Trump voters in a poll from Morning Consult/Politico said they would vote for him again, the same survey concluded that 8 percent of Trump voters would defect to a generic Democrat candidate in the 2020 election.

Meanwhile, nearly three in five voters in a new Quinnipiac University poll agreed they are now convinced Trump is not fit to be the nation’s president.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]