Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror: Arkangel’ Trailer Gives A Sneak Peak Into A Twisted Take On Helicopter Parenting

Netflix is at it again with their first trailer of Black Mirror’s Season 4 episode, “Arkangel.”

The trailer for “Arkangel” was brief. It started out as a family-friendly clip, featuring a mother and her daughter. The two seemed to have a happy life, with the mom being a hands-on parent to her child.

But then, just about 15 seconds in, we were reminded that we’re not going to be watching a family show, but a Black Mirror episode.

The mother, Rosie DeWitt, was talking to an older guy who said, “I am 2,000-years-old and I remember when we used to open up the door and let the kids be.”

Then, the kid, Sara, has gone out of sight. Rosie intensely called out for her kid. She walked through the neighborhood as she shouted Sara’s name. But, a stranger seemed to have found Sara and led the two to reunite with one another.

The thriller might have ended there, but it was only the beginning.

Rosie regretfully caught up with Sara and was determined to be the best parent she could ever be.

The next scene takes us to the mom and the kid walking in into a medical facility where Sara was taken in.

According to the doctor, Sara was performing really well and her “sense of security” seemed outstanding. However, the clip was not referring to Sara’s security at all. It showed how Rosie and Sara walked by a dog who was barking aggressively towards the girl.

Netflix then cuts the scene with the phrase, “The key to good parenting is control.”

The last part was a scene where Sara was injected in the head.

According to IndieWire, fans should not expect a happy ending at all. This would not be your traditional story of a mother keeping her child safe under normal circumstances. There is a chance that Rosie’s paranoia would result in a more mind-numbing way of keeping track of Sara.

Jodie Foster, who plays Rosie, will be joined by John Hillcoat, David Slade, and Tim Van Patten.

“Arkangel” is a new take on the extremity of helicopter parenting and what happens when we take this further than we should.

So far, there is no release date yet for the next season of Black Mirror, but the next six episodes will pilot altogether with the “Archangel” episode exclusively on Netflix.

Watch the short trailer below.

[Featured Image by Netflix]